01:00 Montreal Canadiens – Buffalo Sabres

One more match that i play last night..and miss.

Tonight i expect completely different situation.

Buffalo is the weakest team in the league:

16.Buffalo Sabres 22 5 2 2 14 39:73 16

They suprise last night against Montreal.

Montreal play good this season, they are much better than Sabres:

1.Montreal Canadiens 23 11 5 1 7 62:59 33

They lose match against Rangers with 5-0 and last match against Sabres 2-1, and now have 2 lose in a row.I think they must winn weak Buffalo after that..to raise a little confidence.

It's hard for Buffalo to repeat game from lastnight..Montreal is much better team and expect revange and big winn home agains Buffalo.

Good Luck!

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