That Man United Player Woodward Called 'Waste of Money'

Manchester UnitedSo now that all the easy fixtures for Manchester United are over, they find themselves in 6th place.
Up next, high flying Chelsea and then their local rivals Manchester City, both of which are way ahead of Man United in terms of quality.
The United fans must be fearing the worst with the senseless defense that they have.
Even after spending so much on securing new players, United are suffering and surely certain stars have not done anything of note as yet to prove their worth.
In the last game against West Brom, United dropped points again mainly because of a woeful defensive display.
Manchester United chief Ed Woodward was frustrated with the performance of the side and perhaps one certain player who was literally useless against the Baggies to an extent that Woodward called him as “Waste of Money.
The question remains, who is that one player?
Surely Di Maria has been the best signing and is their best attacking player so far. Falcao brought on loan, has netted as well.
Blind scored his first goal for the club while Marcos Rojo as been decent as compared to other defenders.
The two players who have not done much are Herrera, who has mostly been sidelined with injury and above all Luke Shaw.
Shaw was absolutely pathetic in the last game and United expect more from someone who made it into the team of the year last season. Not to forget they splashed huge sum to sign the teenage star and are paying him high wages as well.
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  1. Okani philip says:


    • Alimamy Kamara says:

      LVG should try Wilson up-front. Van Perse has not been in form lately, even with his country’s team. I am pretty sure that Wilson could have capitalized on the goal scoring chances Van Perse has so far frittered, game after game. LVG has to have and show the guts to bench Van Perse. He cannot just say that no player is guaranteed a place in the team. He should be seen to mean what he says.

  2. m.k Oshinuga says:


  3. shakur says:

    i was felt bad when the management sold evra out a great mistake the club made also allow vidic to left.the major problem united is facing now is defence problem shaw 3 0k is wasteful because he has performe very well mangement should do something

  4. el-mansur says:

    None those acquired recently is a waste of money rather van gaal is the one fucking up. Why couldn’t he bench vp? Or just because he is his compatriot. Van gaal doesn’t know the substitution which matches……….am not sur LVG can succeed if he continues like that

  5. martins says:

    Ordinarily van gaal has done his bit wisely, am beginning 2 immagine why d red devils lack team work @tymz den again d defence department r always afraid weneva an attacker aproaches. Man u shud try n concentrate on defensive errors cuz is increasin @ any given match. D midfield is ok aswell as d attackin force, dou d team is adrifted chelsea bt I believe we shall mke it 2 top 4m

  6. michael calleja says:

    The deffence is being changed frequently so its hard for them to settle down.DeGea should give a hand by involving himself more in the game and try to guide more the defenders because he is the last men.The mistake
    from United was that they did not buy defenders when they knew that will be a problem on the other hand the
    way we attack is a bit slow and so the opponents will have time to coverup.

  7. Touljier says:


  8. Eluesike Klinsmann says:


  9. Ricky Slater says:

    Shaw but how much i hope it was Ashley Young…£120,000 a week wages what a joke…bring in Reus!

  10. Gabara says:

    Calling a player that you signed a cheque for a waste of money is foolish. Manchester United should look for somebody who has football brains – not the rotten Wood

  11. Obi says:

    Before d match i told my friends that van gaal has a big problem and that is putting to use d strnght and weaknesses of his opponents, with WBA i knew they had speed and experience what i expected was a 4-2-3-1 with felliani playing alongside blind but as usual my man will always field the same players for every match, in that match d midfield was slow to mark. Mata is zero when it comes to marking or holding d ball. Pls van gaal buy strong players stop buying for us frail players we need strenght this is premiership and Rojo should pls step up his game.

    • Grace Oburu says:

      Surely, I dont know whether pipo at United, especially the management read these comments. Becauseif they do, they wud be trying out what pipo are advising them to do. How long will LVG keep trying players out as if he does not watch their training and then make a pick of his team? Every week there is injury scare and yet we have not been playing much of the time! Secondly, there is hairdryer symptom showing in the players. LVG should show his strength through mentoring his players and taking them as his sons! Then there they will deliver the much needed results.
      As for tomorrow’s game, my advice is to get a goal in the first ten minutes and follow with another immediately befor your defence can be attacked. Wish u the best frm bottom of my heart.

  12. Andyar solomon Iorver says:


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