Man United Di Maria to Give Up No. 7 Shirt for Ronaldo?

Angel Di Maria Man UnitedDespite not playing in Europe altogether, against all odds, Manchester United arguably lured the PL signing of the season by luring Angel Di Maria.
The Argentine international played pivotal role in helping Real Madrid win the double of Copa and Champions League last season.
However, Madrid signed James Rodriguez for attack and Di Maria opted to leave for the Red Devils. The former Benfica winger for now is United’s biggest asset and was their best player on the field against QPR last weekend.
Fans expect world class performances from Di Maria and every single game and the speedy attacker is capable of delivering exactly that.
Lately, there has been speculations going in the media about a possible return to Old Trafford for legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.
Portuguese international is not happy at the Bernabeu, United have a deal in place and even manager Van Gaal wants him as well but it remains to be seen whether he will come back or not.
Ronaldo used to wear the iconic number 7 shirt for Manchester United, the one currently worn by his former Real team mate Angel Di Maria.
Surely Crisitiano would sell any shirt number with ease but he would himself prefer to wear the old shirt number.
The question is, if Ronaldo really returns to Manchester United, will Di Maria be giving up or handing over the No.7 shirt to the Portuguese captain or not?
In your Opinion, Should Di Maria let Ronaldo wear No. 7?
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  1. Ansumana Swaray says:

    Yes. Di maria should return the 7 shirt to Ronaldo and take the 11 shirt from Januzaj.

  2. future says:

    NO…he RONALDO should pick up numba 28 he wore at sportinq lisbon…or pick 77

  3. Lekan Badmus says:

    I have personally posted this poser on facebook two weeks ago. I am of the view that Di Maria would personally offer to let CR7 have the jersey for 3 reasons. The two are friends, Di maria wanted to lure CR7 back to old Trafford and would use all means to do that and three; Di Maria is not obseese with jersey no 7.

    • Talha says:

      The two are friends but there can be professional jealousy so if di maria hapily gives his shirt to ronaldo then its ok. However, i dont se ronaldo coming for atleast couple of years because he is demanding wages 500k a week, which looks as if he is joking with united, i’m a big fan of him but he shouldn’t do this with united if he really cares and loves this club

  4. Opatola Rasheed Olajide says:

    l would like Ronaldo to wear jersey no. 7 and Di maria to wear no.11


    Ronaldo is known with #7 jersey. He performs very well when wearing the number, so Di Maria should show him some respect as a good friend & release the #7 jersey to him & pick up #11 from Januzaj. so that the club can play with one mind. So Di Maria should learn from Oscar & Drogba

  6. fatai says:

    my option is that; it’s not permanent for one player in wearing one Jessy number which must b affected in any clubs that he transfered to, if really CR want MAN U he should accept what ever number given to him, it will sound embarrassed for a quality rated player to drop his given number to another quality player. But if Dimaria can do that it will comes from his mind not force

  7. Blazin paul says:

    Angel di maria should be kind and release the number 7 shirt and take the number 11 shirt from januzaj. Ronaldo is already known with the famous #7 shirt. Januzaj should go back to his #44 shirt.

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