Why the Amazing €70m Star is Eager to Join Man United

Ronaldo Crying Ballon d'OrCristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid in 2009 after winning every possible prize for the Red Devils.
It was his dream to play wearing the all whites of Los Blancos but 5 years on, he wants to leave the biggest club in the world to return to Old Trafford. Why is that so?
He has won every possible title with the Spanish giants as well except the FIFA Club World Cup that they are favorites to win for sure.
However, trophies and success or money is not the reason why the former United superstar wants to go back to Manchester United. It is because he no longer feels at home at Madrid.
The reason for that Real have been constantly selling his best team mates. Ronaldo was furious to see Mesut Ozil depart to Arsenal as the German used to assist many of his goals and was a great friend.
A year later, he sees two more top players and friends Alonso and Di Maria leave Real Madrid for Bayern and Man United respectively and Ronaldo hated that as well.
Remember when Fernando Torres complained Liverpool about letting team mates like Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano leave the club.
Money and success are not always the measure of satisfaction for the footballers. The best team mates matter as well.
€70m rated superstar does look to return soon but Madrid will surely do whatever they can to somehow convince him to stay. Will they succeed, we shall see.
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  1. Touljier says:

    I would want a central defender and another attacking and decisive winger like Cuadrado before Ronaldo.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Hummels and Cuadrado first……. Maybe a defensive midfielder like Strootman as well. Ronaldo is aging fast and with his knee problems recently I wouldn’t buy him. But he can make a difference.

  2. Terrywyte says:

    In as much as I’d love to see Ronaldo in a United jersey again, I still think that €70m should be spent wisely by signing the players we realy need. Say a centre defender(Hummels) and a solid centre midfielder(Strootman). Spending such astronomical amount on a 30yr old is bad business if you ask me… GGMU.

  3. John Kimatarle says:

    If Ronaldo wants really to come back home LVG should let him. Am sure he will heart fully play and for sure he will bring glory to Old Traford.
    Welcome back home Ronaldo.

  4. Blazin paul says:

    That number 7 shirt already belongs to Angel Di Maria… No one can never take it away from him.

  5. Blazin paul says:

    I would prefer strootman or vidal or cuadrado and some defenders, but if he insists he wants to leave, then so shall it be. Cant wait to see him in the red shirt of manchester united again.

  6. KayDee says:

    He’s leaving “the biggest club in the world” for the biggest club in the world… United has always had a hold on him so this isn’t really anything surprising.
    I’d personally want us to sign Vidal or Strootman and one experienced defender before spending a large amount on Cristiano, but if he became available, prudence dictates that you sign him up as fast as possible and then worry about the rest; they will always be available but players of Ronaldo’s calibre (there’s only one other), do not become available …ever…

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