Arsenal – Ozil Case Explained – Misused and Overused

Mesut Ozil ArsenalArsenal record signing Mesut Ozil has not been performing at his optimum level for quite some time since moving to Emirates.
Hence, the criticism on the German international has gradually amplified as well but who is to blame for his poor performances? A certain set of supporters believes that Ozil is just not trying much while another set believes Wenger is at fault.
Not to forget, the young Kaiser stormed into limelight when he was one of the stars during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Then, his main playing position was central attacking midfielder, behind the striker.
Mourinho signed him for Madrid and played him in his preferred position, Ozil excelled to a large extent and soon was being called “The King of Assists”. Also won German player of the year award three times in a row.
He started Arsenal career in brilliant form as well but after returning from injury in the new year, his form has never been the same, Why?
One, he has been MISUSED. During the World Cup 2014, German coach opted to play Ozil on the flanks even when he was the one to successfully used Mesut as an AM during 2010 WC. The Germans did win the ultimate prize, but the only Kaiser who was criticized all tournament was none other than Ozil, who was average.
For some reason, Wenger thought that Ozil playing out-wide was the key to Germany’s World Cup win, obviously not but in the new season Arsene has used him there. Ozil does not have searing pace of a winger, not accurate crosser as well still he played out wide, not only that, he has also been made to help the fullback , shambles.
He is renowned for providing pin-point, perfectly weighted through balls to the attackers, something that can mainly be done playing through the center. Wenger has to realize that Ozil is not that versatile and must play him in his preferred position at all times to get the best out of him.
Secondly, the German international is being OVERUSED. Mesut was injured during the latest international break and just got fit before the Man City game. Still, Wenger opted to start him, on the flank, was not even taken off and sulked all game.
If that was not enough, Wenger made sure that Ozil starts 2nd game in 4 days after returning from injury and again out-wide vs Dortmund. Result, pretty much the same. That has been the case previously as well, the sooner he returned from injury, Wenger picked him in the starting XI.
Ozil is a player even admired by rival supporters and it is sickening to see such a star suddenly turn that bad. Remember a certain Fernando Torres.
Arsenal manager has to sort the mentioned issues and should not overly drag him that too in a position that does not suit him one bit whilst the player needs to pick himself up again as well.
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  1. wilson says:

    Wenger will hear none of it. He does what he want. Remember how he wasted Arsharvin ?

  2. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca:- I never expected Mr Wenger to spend £42K for Ozil and not play him in normal position, Certain
    coaches have that mentality that a player is going to fit in every position except goalkeeper and the last thing
    I hope Mr Wenger has not got that mentality otherwise I would say that bringing Ozil to Arsenal specifically to fill in a positionthen finds himself playing out of position which is a mental strain on the player because he realize he can’t give of his best.

  3. I don’t know why Wenger is playing him out of position, much more effective behind the striker

  4. Raymond Binchak says:

    Ozil showed the clear difference yesterday. I see no reason why ozil should be playing out of position because of jack

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