Wenger Confirms Arsenal want €24m Playmaker

Real Sociedad Antoine GriezmannArsenal have one of the best attacking midfields not only in the premier league but also in the world.
Yet they want to add more attacking playmakers when they really should be targeting a striker more than anyone else.
Gunners have the likes of Cazorla, Podolski, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Gnabry, Ozil in the attacking midfield setup.
Not only that, central midfield stars like Ramsey and Wilshere are also utilized as AMs when needed as well.
Still, Arsenal want more. Anyways, According to Goal, Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal are interested in signing Real Sociedad’s playmaker Antoine Griezmann.
Back in December, it was reported by Metro that Gunners are close to signing the €24m rated French international.
However, during the winter transfer window, the North London side wasted time in chasing German star Julian Draxler.
Griezmann has been the shining star in the Sociedad side and is without doubt one of the best players in La Liga at the moment.
In 24 league appearances this season, Antoine has scored no less than 15 goals (only behind Ronaldo and Costa) and has also provided 5 assists.
His performances has deservedly earned him a call-up from the national side.
The versatile playmaker will be a brilliant addition to Arsenal squad if they can sign him but still, a striker should be the top priority.
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  1. It is obvious,Grizeman a great player and I will be glad to see him & Cuadrado join Arsenal because we need at least two player on each position to become a real force + a centre defender,a goalkeeper,a defensive midfield,& a centre forward,come next season,Arsen should not hesitate to buy this term because Arsenal fan just deserve more than this trophyless era.

  2. frank wilcox says:

    i got a better idea,how bout we find somebody that can find the F##king net?????Put the ball in the hole!!!! Maybe we should put pubic hair around the goal mouth,so Giroud and Ozil can find it!!!!!!!

  3. Gabriel onyeabor says:

    Wenger is not serious over the dealings in signing a striker, i knw chelsea wil definitely sign him forget about wenger

  4. lloyd maunganidze says:

    we have a lot of midfield players.i personally feel that wenger has exausted all his coaching skills and technics and no longer has anything new to offer.i love this professor but i think its now time for him to go.furthermore he lacks ambition and he has never been serious on the transfer market.chelsea always get the players they want but for us i wonder how wenger does it

  5. Wilbert Tekere says:

    In as much as Arsenal play entertaining soccer the professor has lost touch and is too comfortable in his position. it is not a secret we need a striker and a defensive midfielder. he has even admitted this after Theo got Injured. is he paid to miss on the championship? no wonder why he is mocked as a loosing specialist.

  6. Alex says:

    Griezmann is more like a LW or LF. Definitely not AM.
    Would be ideal for Arsenal

  7. John says:

    Wenger should stop playing with our mind. He knows what we need and yet every window he does the opposite. We need real players, not kids. For how long will we go trophyless?

  8. David abedi says:

    I dont think wenger is that serious about the trophyless situation,maybe he is enjoying seeing arsenal lose.Why is it always like this,there are so many great players out there no secrect our team need perfect striker and he wants griezman what the hell will he bring in?cavani,benzema,burak,sanchez,destro,llorente and many other,but he still want to bring midfielders.

  9. John says:

    3main arsenal mistake
    1,many passes in side box,
    2,lacking physical man,like former (viera)
    3,lacking active striker.

  10. Tamba sundifu says:

    Winger is foolish; not realy serious if i have the opportunity he will die. No one messes with my Arsenal please or should die .Fans are killing themselves around the world ‎‏ ‏just for this arsenal thing .friends u no how it pains when someone tries with something u love.wenger ; please be worned!!! ‎‏

  1. March 23, 2014

    […] so long ago, Wenger himself confirmed that he is interested in the €24m Rated winger. He has been one of the best players in La Liga […]

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