Arsenal Target Quality €44m Duo to Reinforce Squad

Arsenal FCArsenal were absolutely humiliated at Stamford Bridge yesterday as the Blues defeated them 6-0.
The title hopes are fading very quickly and the fans are getting more and more frustrated.
Only hope for Gunners to end the season with a silverware is FA Cup. No one attached to Arsenal will be able to tolerate if the club fails to win that as well.
Arsene Wenger is well aware of Arsenal’s shortcomings, in fact he has known them all the time but still opts not to spend cash on quality players.
Enough is enough, next summer, Arsenal just have to sign top quality stars not only to target the league title but it is also vital for survival.
Man United will also spend big to bounce back next season and Liverpool willreinforce too. Hence Gunners just have to improve as well.
According to latest reports, Arsenal are targeting two French stars for next summer i.e. Antoine Griezmann of Real Sociedad and Morgan Schneiderlin of Southampton.
Not so long ago, Wenger himself confirmed that he is interested in the €24m Rated winger. He has been one of the best players in La Liga this season, only Ronaldo and Costa have scored more goals than him.
On the other hand, Saint star Schneiderlin has recently claimed that he would like to play for a dream club and the €20m star did not rule out a possible move to Arsenal.
Whether or not Arsenal will sign the quality duo in summer, we shall see.
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  1. mbarak says:

    why always france plays, we are tired wirh your philosophy mr wenger dont you know that you always hurt flArsenal fans. Can you turn your brain to Brazil where there are talents. The likes of Diego costa, hulk and mant other.

  2. Ola Ayobami says:

    It was indeed a heavy defeat and a heavy humiliation. I really do not understand the intention of Arsene Wenger and the board for this loved team. I must confess the fact that Wenger’s dealings with the fans are totally disrespectful and unacceptable. Wenger needs to embrace the reality of modern day football. The French Baba Ijebu neeeds to start unzipping his purse wider to capture top quality players. Is it complacency that makes Wenger behave the ways he does. All these hulaballoes of brInging In quality players are ramblings of a man freshly humiliated by his usual garrulous foe. Arsene Wenger should understand that Arsenal is greater than any manager, board member or fan but without the fans there will be no Arsenal. Why should Wenger wait to be heavily defeated before he starts to consider amendment. Shameful to say that all the top teams in the EPL have defeated us heavily this season. And presently we are out of major competitions in England and in Europe. Does Wenger ever learn anything from history? When would Arsene pause and have a rethink for some better treatment of Arsenal fans. We often go home sadder than we came any time we went to watch matches featuring Arsenal. Enough is enough Mr. Wenger. Arsenal deserved some respect and better treatment. And that should be allowed to sink into your stubborrn, egoistic and penny-pinching head.

  3. GERALD says:

    Wenger should accept that already Giroud’s presence up front is the main reason Arsenal is failing to beat big big teams coz he can not creat fear in the opponents’ defence. Pressure ends up falling back on Arsenal because Giroud is not aggressive and can not fight for goals. His lack of High reflex and striker instict is costing us
    Let Wenger look elsewhere( South America, Spain or Germany) for attacking players but not France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. aleem s.adeoye says:

    Ola uve said it all,but i doubt if (he)wenger do go through this website to hear the cry of the diehard fans of the lovely club,cos if he does he would have put that into consideration nd get us gala players for consoling us instead of biscuit player he do my observation these man is using arsenal to build france wenger change for better otherwise ur days are number in the club.

  5. Tyona says:

    It beats me when Wenger claimed a draw with spurs and chelski would have been a worse result. It shows no calculated concentration from him. My calculation tells me had that been the case, we would have been six points behind chelski instead of seven. Good calculation also tells me it would have been better if we lost to the spuds and won chelski. Also, the defeats we suffer at the hands of our rivals show that Wenger has lost it. I mean it doesn’t get more embarrassing than this. Is Mourinho a magician that wenger can’t beat his team even for once? The truth is that wenger has lost it. I play street football to keep fit and for the fun of the game but I’m sure I would never play with someone like Giroud as my striker. Yet, this is someone wenger considers capable of leading arsenal’s attack. What a shame!

  6. e.guido,uganda says:

    Wenger should leave the club and look some where enough is enough even the owner of club cant see tthe club shinking and u keep watching …shame to u all.!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mathew says:

    Wenger is a fool, he doesn’t hv shame at all, specialise in failure for sure.

  8. He will never buy anybody, chelsea team are so good before the January transfer but they added two quality players, that is how a club should be run. Wenger should go we are tired of nonsense stories everytime. I can even manage the club better than arsen.

  9. wilson says:

    Why France ?????? my country of birth. why France????? most players are cheap . At the end of financial year, something for ourselves

  10. Aliyu Ahmad says:

    Wenger!! Is blow on you face, on ur thousand game as arsenal manager to be humiliated like this!! We want you out, give chance to matinez.

  11. AGABA JIM says:

    am losing patience in him.he should retire that was embarrassing to beat him 6-0

  12. Asene wenger u are a fool. Pls give way for diego simone plssss!!!

  13. All of my good fans has said thousands of words,but from my own perspective the incubent wenger is nt the one of 90s,Stevano Cohen said she tied the nut with wenger in 15th century,comparing Arsen to a highly intelligent king in France those days intelligent but very dogmatic,wenger of these days lacks, tactical awareness of the game,it’s nt today that Arsen kws that in big games Giroud can’t do anything,why can’t play a false 9,wrong tactics by trying to convert an effective winger to a b-b middfidder,Santi nw can no longer play an efficient role in his prefer position,it is so eggregious that Arsenal has lost heavily to all title contenders, it is high time Arsen change his tactics and start winning us big matches or we risk seeing the worst in the seasons ahead.

  14. tunji enagbo says:

    Arsene wenger should hide his face whenever he see Mouriho. Shame on u, specialist in failure

  15. lango says:

    he is busy building france national team,thats all.he is nolonger interested in arsenal,his main aim for the club is to finish within the champions ligue bracket.
    i think the club needs a new manager if at all he fails to win the FA cup because thats the only trophy within reach.he should coach a country not a club.

  16. carl says:

    Wenger missed his calling… He should of being in politics.

  17. Arthur says:

    Thanks brother,I thought that I was the only seeing things that way..Giroud can’t create fear in d minds of the smallest of defenders and he claims to b a ‘destructive and disturbing central forward’, that is a shame…

  18. Sagie Govender says:

    Fellow Arsenal fans please don’t let this result cause you ill feeling to Asene Wenger. He is still the man for the job for now anyway. You bring a manager who has not won anything and we may well find ourselves in Man U’s situation. He has made mistakes, which he accepts. In my opinion, I think the problem getting a hiding from our 3 challengers away from home is the omission of Flamini from the starting line-up. He was suspended against City, which should have been a eye-opener and came on for the other 2 when the game was already lost. Anyway having said that, I believe we can still win the league – we must win all our games.

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