RvP should Warm the Bench at Man United from Now On

Van Persie United vs ArsenalArsenal fans hate Robin van Persie for a reason and it seems that the Dutch star is creating more than a few reasons for the Man United fans to hate him as well.
There is no doubt that he was the hero of the club last season and played a vital role in helping us win the 20th title.
However, this season, his attitude has been pathetic and always looks a sulking figure in a mediocre United side.
Perhaps he thinks, he is bigger than the club and as per rumors, RvP is looking to exit United next summer and even Moyes wants him out.
If that is the case then Manchester United should bench Robin van Persie from now onwards and give chance to those who are committed such as the likes of Welbeck and Hernandez.
Van Persie’s top form is long gone as well, he was one of the worst players against Arsenal and Olympiacos lately but blamed his own manager and players for not helping him.
Such attitude is unbearable at United and Sir Alex Ferguson would have dropped him to the bench in no time. He would not have dared to say anything against Fergie in the first place.
His poor game for Netherlands in the international midweek against France also showed that his form is declining fast and it makes complete sense to make him warm the bench.
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  1. Samuel Akol says:

    RvP Looks The Most Indiscipline In The Squad,the He Exibited Arsenal.Maybe, He Also Wants A Bumper Contract Like Tha Of Wazza.Will He Really Get It Anyway?Maybe Exit Is Carries A Higher %tage!

  2. danny says:

    RVP has scored 14 goals (the same as welbeck in 3 seasons) in 20 games this season and has been injured by dismal daves prehostoric training and playing methods..he is only saying what everyone else is saying…we critisize players for not caring…and yet when somebody does say that things arnt good enough everyone slags them for it….14 goals in 20 games is a great return…we continue to laud welbeck who never gets double figures and yet our truly world class striker we turn on for saying the same things we are saying…RVP is 30 and doesnt want to play under a manager from the dark ages…but hey lets get rid and let welbeck lead the line next year…then our fall into mid table obscurity will be well and truly achieved..

  3. Frank Ogamma says:

    I love that. RVP is the person who, bit the finger that feed him. We endured him throught his injury time. After recovery he plyd two season isteedoff, rewarding us back, he left us when we need him most. RVP cannot come back to emirate bcos, i dont think wether emirate stadium can forgive him. Man u pliz manage him bcoz we prefer Akpom than RVP….

  4. Van Dallas says:

    how can u spit on the plate that u’r eating? Rvp ,when he came to utd he acted as a gud player &most disciplined player but finnally he ended up criticizing management,players and evryone who iz concerned with man utd,this means that he lvd utd but instead he was after the trophy ,plz get rid of van persie,for now let him warm the bench,chicharito &welbeck to replace him.

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