RvP drops the Bomb – Mocked Arsenal, now Mocks Man United

Van Persie United vs ArsenalRobin van Persie was once regarded as a hero at Arsenal football club but turned villain when he joined Manchester United at the start of last season.
After failing with the North London club, the Dutch star helped the Red Devils secure their 20th league title, his first.
Instantly, the former gunner became a hero at Manchester United but as times have gone from bad to worse, now it looks likely that he will soon turn villain and may leave United as well.
At the start of last year, United were on top of the league and RvP was obviously a hated figure at Arsenal. Van Persie claimed that Arsenal are a great club but he is surrounded by champions at Manchester United.
He mocked the Gunners by celebrating his goal against them this season at Old Trafford in the most outrageous way.
However, it has not taken him long to mock his current club, players as well as the manager of Man United as he stated after the loss against Olympiacos.

“It was quite difficult because my team-mates are often in the area where I want to play,”
“That’s why I have to change my tactics. Unfortunately, they are often in my area.”

A year on, a player who said he was playing with champions now feels that he is playing with players that are creating problems for him in his role.
Inevitably, his statements direct a swipe at David Moyes as well because his tactics are not helping RvP.
RvP has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford and with no CL football next season (highly likely), he may as well want exit from United.
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  1. Tim says:

    Wat goes around, always comes around.

  2. Monsiano says:

    A patience dog eat the fatest bone, rvp should have waited to help arsenal just the same way they helpt him in his period of injury. He left arsenal at the point where they needed him the most, now is time for pay back for all his dissapointment an betrayer, let him try bear with them, because this’s just the begining.

  3. alex dzinkambani says:

    Forgive the prodigal son. Let him return and treat him as any other common player
    He has learnt his lesson. He never knew that he would be managed by Ferguson for only a single year and then down grade to Moyes. Let him come back. He may help us win the league next season.

    • Mem zepper says:

      OVER THE PAST 15+ years…
      Why should we dig him out of the
      Grave he dug!?!
      He can ROT AT OLD TOILET
      or whatever THIER stadium is called…

    • ally says:

      I don’t think we need him next season we probably have more players join us later whether our young players or players buy during summer window transfer (if we gonna buy some of players hope so). I agree we should forgive prodigal son nobody is perfect but he can’t expects us to treat him on the same ways because he broke his vows and can’t keep his loyalty. Alex would you accept you loved one if she betray you with another man? What would you do when you find out she betray you? I think you know the answer.

  4. Ismail says:

    Open hands for you to Emirate RPV

  5. asmel says:

    arsenal sud concentrate on d league fst nd leave d issue of Mr traitor aside, may b @ d end of d season we can open hs charpter. Up gunners.

  6. Etienne Francis Mukendi says:

    I think he learned its lesson and it is time for him to ask for forgiveness to the family who provided him bread when he was not playing its part.

  7. adeboje clement says:

    Useless boy,I think he had learnt his lesson,stupid boy.

  8. Millz says:

    Say what?!?

  9. Chinedu says:

    While not disregarding the qualities of RvP, I would rather prefer that a much younger striker be signed on by my Arsenal for a long time. Reason: RvP has been prone to injuries and any such injury at his age now may mean the end of his effectiveness. The club burnt its hand in the past for him only for him to turn his back on us when he would have repaid the gesture of the club. We thank him for the services he rendered, we have coped without him so let us move on while wishing him the best.

  10. hillary says:

    Arsenal fans cannot accept RVP at all Morata the better option

  11. Richard says:

    RVP is a lost sheep. He has paid the price of his own decision & emotions. He is beating around the bus to seek comments from arsenal fans. He fears his radical decision to leave arsenal f.c made him a big “traitor” to arsenal fans.

  12. Abraham chale says:

    hmmmm notin to say……am even sick n tired of players n manager problems

  13. Sekuton songoch David says:

    Morata and Campell are better than Rvp.

  14. Scarlet says:

    I REALLY would hate to see RVP come back to Arsenal….He only had a couple of good seasons for us, and now I think he is past his best ( did you see him last night? ) I also believe he causes troubles among the other players. It feels to me that the players bond much better nowadays then when he was there
    We have some exciting young players coming through..some of them good strikers, if we got Morata too, I think we don’t need RVP….and even if we did..he has this ‘little boy’ inside of him saying he should play for MU
    Perhaps he should listen to that little boy now

  15. loomee says:

    It is good for Robin. From hero to zero. He won the championship last season, the only price for the rest of his career.
    He will win nothing win man utd and nothing with Holland. Good for him!!

  16. Burton konowe says:

    Let him come he is our own product. I think he will add some sault the usual song of lackng striking force. But Campbell should be our preority

  17. Frank says:

    Lets be realistic here, RVP left because he needed a higher salary which united were ready to give and Arsenal were not ,remember he had won the golden boot, nonetheless he did a stupid thing in mocking his former club. Let him stay at Manchester, Arsenal match his salary at his age.

  18. Martins Agber says:

    We can have him back, but he still has that “little boy” with him who delivers the final verdict on his decisions so…

  19. Frank Ogamma says:

    It is bad and shameful if, you bit the finger that feeded you. RvP is the among those who, bit the finger that feeded him. We worship you, we respect you, we honoured you, we bowd before you, we praisd you, we admired, we believe on you , we loved you, after every thing you turn our hope upside down and follow our worst enemy and fight againt us. Stay there my dear with your radical decision. You cannot hear or see our downfall intead, you fall

  20. chukwudi iwuh says:

    Well I would prefer RVP to come back only if he will apologise to the entire Arsenal board and fans and ask for forgiveness then he may be considered worthy of playing for Arsenal again because we don’t keep or produce traitors like him.But I don’t still consider him because we have enough strikers out there who still have years of playing time and Campbell has proved himself before RVP as one who can do it and do it better.

  21. ASNLthruNthru says:

    RVP is a thing of the past . We have moved on. Let him PSV off back to Eindhoven.

  22. VeryWhys says:

    Robin Van Persie seems to be putting into words the frustration that he and the rest of the Manchester United players are feeling with regard to Moyes and the form of Manchester United. In this article there are a number of possible reasons for the nightmare season that is unfolding at Manchester United … http://www.pulpinterest.com/sport/football/manchester-united-nightmare-blame

  23. Aussie Gunner says:

    He is a trader, he bit the hand that fed him for 8 years thru injuries, and form slumps.
    What did he do? He turned his back to the club who beleived in him, and he was the captain for crying out-loud, he can go and get stuffed, we don’t want him back

  24. Aussie Gunner says:

    I meant he’s a traitor.

  25. Delford Magaya says:

    After coming out clear on tweet and said he will never play for Arsenal, I can not believe what is happening now.
    He should have known that, Arsenal were so faithfully to him, they did not want him to go, but because of hungry for money, he decided to leave Arsenal. The club that he has been since he was young. When he become fit, he did not think of serving the club that was so faithfully to him, he then decided to come out public and Wenger decided to sell him to Man Utd, even if he was not will to join Man United by the time he was sold, Arsene decided that, he should go because he was not matured enough to think that, Arsenal with such highly Manager, they will come back strongly. Now here he is. Let him come back to Arsenal but he has learnt a lesson.

  26. SAY NOT 2 RVP says:

    Forget RVP!!! He is a selfish and disloyal player that Arsenal ever has. He attitude same as $amir Na$ri and other player who leave Arsenal for Penny. Now, he knows that the cloud was absolutely different outside there (Arsenal). BUT, Arsenal always in great shape and well manage by Great people. Then, We are so proud become Arsenal FC Fans.

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