Final Chance – Man United to hand Moyes Mammoth €240m

Man United David MoyesManchester United fell to another humiliating defeat last night as Olympiacos won 2-0 at home in the first leg of the R16 Champions league tie.
The Greek side was considered arguably the weakest side remaining in the competition but United proved that they are perhaps the worst at the moment under David Moyes.
Red Devils were pathetic to say the least as they could not even muster up one clear cut goal scoring opportunity.
To make it worst, their defense was poor again and now United have a mountain to climb in the second leg.
Not to forget, winning CL is perhaps United’s only hope of playing in Europe’s elite competition next season as they are no less than 11 points behind Liverpool in the premier league who have occupied the last CL qualification spot.
Rumors were spread that United have actually sacked Moyes but that is not the case.
Instead, according to reports, Man United are set to hand Moyes a mammoth transfer spending spree of over €240m to bounce back next season.
With that much money at disposal, think it is fair to say that it will be Moyes’s final chance to turn United into a winning team again.
Understandable that the mentioned amount of transfer money is huge and can help re-build a side still it is not going to be easy.
If United are out of CL, which looks highly likely then attracting world class talent is going to be difficult and at times gambles are made as well.
Even Liverpool spent over 100 million when NESV took over but still they have taken 2-3 years more to finally become a side that can propel to CL qualification and perhaps challenge for the title as well.
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  1. alec nicklos says:

    They can give Moyes ten times that sum and he still doesn’t have the competence to produce a scintillating, winning combination. His selection is bad, man management poor, tactics execrable and when they are losing which is very usal, does not know what to do to reverse the situation. Take the Fulham game – a record of 81 crosses into the opposition box without one producing a goal! What idiot would persist after 10, 20, 30 etc. and still not see it was so pointless! He certainly can claim to have set records this season.
    Please let him be replaced imediately; the sooner the better.

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