Liverpool Campaign to Destroy Arsenal, Fans and their Season

Liverpool Skrtel AggerArsenal were on top of the league when they visited Anfield with Mertesacker and Koscienly unbeaten in 31 games started in PL.
However, what followed was that Liverpool made a complete joke out of Arsenal by scoring 4 goals inside 20 minutes and ripping Gunners apart to a 5-1 defeat.
Since that thrashing, Arsenal’s season that showed so much promise of ending the trophy drought, suddenly has turned into a miserable one.
They are virtually out of the Champions league after suffering heavy defeat at the Emirates thanks to Bayern. Moreover, gunners continued to drop points in the premier league and now Liverpool have leapfrogged them to take second place.
Days after Liverpool overtook Arsenal in the league, their owner John W Henry found the perfect timing to announce that gunners actually met Suarez’s release clause but the player was not allowed to go.
This infuriated gunner supporters even more that one of them created an online petition to rescue Suarez.
If that was not enough, in the international midweek, Liverpool’s vice captain and Denmark’s captain Daniel Agger injured Arsenal’s superstar Jack Wilshere to hand them another major set back.
Another Arsenal fan has come up with an online petition, claims that Liverpool are campaigning to destroy Arsenal and demands Football Association’s action over Agger.
With so many injuries already to deal with, Wilshere’s long term absence is likely to hurt Arsenal’s hopes of winning the premier league.
Liverpool have continued to hurt Arsenal, the fans and their season. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin will be if the Reds finish the season above Arsenal and at this moment, the merseysiders should be considered favorites.
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  1. Stan says:

    Crying Bitches that’s arsenal fans !!! Conspiracy Conspiracy Conspiracy,you better look over your shoulder Spurs will be above you in a heartbeat 😉

  2. Bobby h says:

    Stan, your a mug. Typical Liverpool fan, don’t hear shit from you mugsmashers for years, and then you give it when you actually start getting somewhere!!!
    Your owner shows your class as a club. He’s a liar. End of.

    • RedMan02 says:

      Your an even bigger mug, assuming your a gooner please tell me when it was you actually last won…. anything??? Just so your aware getting top 4 does not count as there is no trophy for that! 🙂

    • Michael V says:

      John W Henry is a legend. He knows what he is doing, its all calculated. Arsenal are just bitter now because their season is falling apart. But this is no suprise seeing as it seems to be what all pudits predicted.

    • Matt says:

      It’s your club and you Arsenal fans that keep attacking us and keep getting offended when we don’t respond like the little club you desperately want us to be. How you Arsenal fans act towards us screams of “know your place”. Well, I’ve got news for you, we are, and always will be, a bigger club than you.

  3. tivoli says:

    liverpool are so mediocre it is unreal. every now and then they had a rosy period (2 in 20 years) when they were there or thereabouts of Arsenal in the league, now they are having their rosy period again, and look what it does to them. they are so unused to be challenging for the league I mean 70 % of their fan base never saw them winning the league, so who can blame them that they embarass themselves in their excitement. if you meet liverpool fans give them a hug, a pat on the shoulder some words of recognition for what they represent in universal football history. Then say a few prayers thanking god that you have nothing to do with this bunch as they are just a puffed up Swansea, a pathetic cup team.

    • Stan says:

      Where that mediocre we only beat arsenal 5 v 1,and it should have been double figures ( MUPPETS making petitions against AGGER & FREESUAREZ ) And another thing Bobby,Liverpool have won 3 trophies since arsenal won the FA CUP ( Because the European Cup was later in May 2005 MUG )

      • Stan says:


    • Michael V says:

      What a load of shit. pulling stats from nowhere. Liverpool fan have never stopped believing that they would be back. Aresenal are that team that are so close but so far. At least we dont settle for 4th and overhaul the club to get back to the top.

  4. vishal bisesar says:

    When hav ur supporters seen url lift the European cup. Url r specialists in beating weak teams . That sums up arsenal. Bunch of cry babies . Booo hooo

    • Stan says:

      arse-anal never won a European Trophy 😉 While THE MIGHTY LIVERPOOL HAVE WON 8 EUROPEAN TROPHIES 😉 MUGS

  5. vishal bisesar says:

    Arsenal is in a permanent rosy period just no trophys .lmao

  6. Kejas says:

    with respect to al parties involved.. I emotionaly wish jack wilshie(my favourite arsenal player) quick recovery 4 hodgson rightly said,’injury is part of footbol” agger was only doing his job,but i undastand arsenal’s anger at losing a superstar in jack whom i love… Pathetically, I wish them d best dis season… “SAS” IS HERE..Liverpool of the 80s’ is back.. Ynwa!!!

  7. GunnerNZ says:

    Well I’m glad I don’t live in Liverpool because you wankers are brain dead shit talkers., living in the past. We won this we won that shit. Look in the mirror and you will see the cry babies all the Liverpool fans who haven’t seen top four for how long? Yeah top four you dick heads. You haven’t been there because you haven’t deserved to be there simple, cause the football you played was pathetic. We have supporters that support our team year in year out, not jump on when you start seeing some results for the first time in 20 years after you have cried so many tears. Lol

    • Stan says:

      no you have supporters who was asking for wengers head,after the first game of the season ( Arsenal 1 v 3 Aston Villa ) So get your facts straight dickhead !!! Fancy making petitions against another club,shows how pathetic the arse-anal fans truely are 😉 And most arsenal fans are still asking for Wenger to go NOW,ZERO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NEXT SEASON MUPPET kiwi…

    • RedMan02 says:

      Even with not being part of the ‘top 4’ we have still won trophies. you complete tool!

  8. Neutral says:

    Give me trophies over ‘rosy’ anytime!

  9. Fernando says:

    Arshole fiends are getting stupid wut are u smoking up there its football players get injured agger just played his heart out for his country jack kickd against his foot wuts all the fuss abt hopew jack is fit for world cup but dnt go around condeming players for givin 100% for there clubs and countries ynwa agger will never walk alone

    • Stan says:

      liverpool only have to FART,and another arsenal fan will start another PETITION pmsl 😉 EUROPA LEAGUE next season arse-anal 😉

  10. Stevie says:

    Bobby you muppet, Arsenal fans are the laughing stock of both England and Europe, you feel some stupid sense of entitlement in recent years, you are the worst supporters out there, non stop abuse of your manager and this day dream that you deserve to be champions !! A club of such history,tradition and class but really you have no class at all, you make absolute fools of yourselves on a daily basis.
    Liverpool May or May not win the league but we’re a proper football club with a connection with our fans and the fans don’t turn at the drop of a hat. You muppets wear your jersey when it suits you, like a fashion labels, except you have no money left for labels after paying those tickets prices !! Even your owners know your a bunch of daft muppets you just come and go. Once a great club, it’s like Sesame Street now, full of muppets.
    Your making a holy show of yourself !!

  11. Stevo says:

    The liverpool owner is very dumb or very smart, is this a ploy to take all the pressure off the team in a vital part of the season imo this is a very smart move for it all to come out when the seasons hotting up.

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