PICTURE – Arsenal Gear up to Rescue Suarez from Liverpool

Arsene Wenger ArsenalSince Liverpool have overtaken Arsenal in the premier league, gunner supporters are really furious mainly with Wenger and the players.
However, the anger has shifted to Reds’s owner John W Henry who revealed the information that Suarez in fact had a release clause which Arsenal met but Liverpool refused to sell last summer.
Suarez is exactly the kind of player Arsenal are missing at the moment, else they would have been on top of the league.
An Arsenal fan set-up a petition to demand Suarez from Liverpool and have taken the campaign to a next level which is rather amusing.
Perhaps here is the best picture from the #FREESUAREZ campaign where Arsenal stars have geared up to rescue Suarez from Liverpool.
Arsenal Gear up

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  1. namussasi n moscent says:

    We have the money power to save Suarez ;yes!,but the manager is always unwilling to spend en bring in stars to compliment required results.Our problem is the manager.You can not make a star midfield only to dwarf the striking force.Under such circumstances you will never win the league or any other related trophy.You may blame the play makers but can they consistently create chances that will time en again not be converted into goals?We need a beast,a hit man.

  2. Omale Usman says:

    Hahahaha, Arsenal beta dan Liverpool, hahahahaha Sagna u beta cum liverpool oo

  3. Stan says:

    Arsenal never had a chance of buying Suarez,Suarez didn’t and would never sign for arsenal ( FACT ) He was just flushing out Real Madrid,but after the Bale deal they never had the money !!! Liverpool will never sell to arsenal because they also took the piss with the bid ( Disgraceful club ) Now their in a fight for TOP 4,while Liverpool fight Chelski and City for the TITLE 😉 Hopefully arsenal finish 5th it would serve them right…

  4. kejas says:

    Omale usman i like ur laugh hahahahahahaha. Suarez’s latest comments realy do ginger my happiness over him. What were they smoking at d emirates???? :-(.its confusing. D real gunners better shoot wenger to death!!!

  5. Gunnerslove says:

    Arsenal has turn to be a laughing stock. And the victims are the fans. Year in year out,we are still here swallowing the pain of disappointment. Every best player will leave for winning club for trophies and yet Wenger and arsenal ceo are there to make more profit.

    • Aussie Gunner says:

      I agree with you 100 percent, this hurts very much when i say it but, i really hop we finish 5th and below so our so called management who think of nothing but profits, can finally run out of excuses that we play Champions league every year, i’m fed up with all this.

  6. Moprexious says:

    How on earth do u wanna resque him? U only resque someone in problem and I dont see Suarez in one. U beta face ur own problem cos u ve neva win anything for 8yrs. Suarez belongs to Liverpool and dey decided not to sell him wot else do u want?

  7. Hillario Quaresma says:

    Lol typical arsenal fans…………… win something first

  8. YNWA says:

    To be fair, the picture is quite amusing but its a little embarassing for Arsenal, given that Liverpool are a better and bigger team and have a much brighter future than what Arsenal have. Liverpool are playing arguably the best attacking football in Europe at the moment, and as a striker you only dream of being in a team that plays that way. Its no co-incidence that Liverpool have the two highest scoring strikers of any duo in Europe, its because of the relentless attacking football that Rodgers implements. Yeah so Liverpool defence is poor, but in terms of entertainment, there is no better team to watch, nor play in. Arsenal should concentrate more on saving their own players, like Ozil for example… Arsenal have managed to turn a world class midfielder into a mediocre one. He’s the one who needs saving!

  9. igwe vitalis says:

    please Liverpool free suarez for arsenal. We love him. Thank you

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