Kroos Issues Come and Get me Plea to Manchester United

Felix KroosManchester United have been chasing German international and Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos for quite some time.
However, it seems than more than him, Toni’s brother Felix Kroos is interested in joining Manchester United.
Although, reports all over the media does suggest that Felix says that Toni is considering a switch to United but his statements actually gives a different meaning.
Kroos claimed:

“We have already talked about it. Manchester has been the team of my dreams since I was a child.”
“‘However, I don’t give him any advice. He will take a good decision for himself. There are worse situations than having to decide something like that.”

From the statement, it does feel that Felix is wanting the move more than his brother and the reasons for that make sense as well.
Bayern are the best side in Europe while United are for now a laughing stock. Moreover, United may as not play CL next season as well which Toni Kroos surely deserves. The only thing United can do is offer him hefty wages but will that be enough motivation?
Felix on the other hand plays for Werder Bremen that are currently 13th in the league, surely CL will not be his priority and he can fulfill his dream of playing for United as well.
So Kroos has clearly issued a come and get me plea to Manchester United but the Red Devils obviously need the Bayern one.
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  1. Barry Joe says:

    Sack Moyers first

  2. Abednego mulbah says:

    Fire David Moyes

  3. Joe says:

    He wil be a very gud signning fo united, but where wil mata , fellani and Rooney play? Then it means that the so called DM wil fail to use he, becoz is only a physical coach not techinal.

  4. D nice says:

    Sack Moyes… He has failed to build United. He must go!

  5. To say United are a laughing stock is simply wishful thinking on behalf of the author of this article who is quite clearly a Liverpool fan,it is also disrespectful of the teams who are below United in the league all this ABU nonsense is getting boring and brings down the tone of a decent site like soccerisma !

  6. Meshack mogaru says:

    I doubt moyes, tacticaly he is nowhere. His team selection & subs alws stressful. Combination within the squad doesn’t match. Even if he signs world class players, still utd cant reach fagerson era. Klopp frm dortmund may change things @ utd, bt moyes stil we’l struggle.

  7. ak styles says:

    This mumbo-jumbo must stop.Sack Moyes First,then Talk About hu is going to rebuild united.period.

  8. Aniekpeno says:

    Does anything good comes out of Moyes? The truth is that Glazer’s family should sack Moyes why because Moyes position in the league is always 6 or 7 right from when he was in Everton and another thing is that he (Moyes) has not won a trophy before and he has no idea of managing a big club like United thats why he (Moyes) is always confused in team selection.

  9. shaun says:

    Sharing a same last name doesn’t make him as good as his brother. Unless they both come together like fabio/Rafael, Nevilles/ the Alcantaras to Bayern or the Hazards to Chelsea.

  10. Craig says:

    Moyes font need to be sack but the tactics need to be sorted out and bring back the back room staff that were the backbone of the team for so many years in place if the rubbish they have now now the perfect time to bring back mike phealan, Rene mulensteen, and the rest of the crew to help moyes in the same way they did with sir Alex. And they need to be more positive in attack it’s sad to see them give so much possession away and not creating never seen them play so negative so before people shout about sacking a proven manager give him time to change things and put them right. These are the things moyes need to put right first before making signings because without the right tactics you can play the best team in the world but without direction and in wrong positions it’s pointless. So come on moysey let’s turn back the clock and put the right foot forward.

  11. Simon says:

    We need several players and a clear out in the summer if we’re to seriously challenge for the title next season, Moyes has so far got it spectacularly wrong this season so he needs to make a bold but positive statement in the summer transfer market if he’s to turn things around and keep himself in a job which is clearly what United want to do by giving him the time to get it right.
    Its obvious where Moyes needs to strengthen so here’s a list of transfers in and out that should put things right in the squad along with a rough price guide of the money it will most probably take to do it too:
    Vidic out on free transfer, Garay in for £15m.
    Ferdinand retire to coaching role, Hummels in for £25m.
    TOTAL SPEND £40m.
    Anderson out for £8m, Kroos in for £30m.
    Fellaini out for £18m, Koke in for £25m.
    Giggs retire to coaching role, Gundogan in for £20m.
    TOTAL SPEND £49m.
    Hernandez out for £20m, Reus in for £30m.
    Valencia out for £15m, Costa in for £35m.
    Young out for £10m, promote Powell for free.
    TOTAL SPEND £25m.
    These transfers are both realistic and very possible provided we do our business early and make them happen, with 7 top players coming in the strength in depth of the squad will certainly make us title challengers again an show a statement of intent to our rivals too! Here is an idea of how our squad could field next season with these transfers completed:
    De Gea.
    Rafael, Hummels, Garay, Evra.
    Smalling, Evans, Jones, Buttner.
    Kroos, Gundogan, Koke.
    Kagawa, Carrick, Mata.
    Reus, Van Persie, Rooney.
    Nani, Costa, Januzaj.
    Amos, Fabio, Fletcher, Cleverley, Powell and Welbeck complete the squad.
    I’ve put the formation as a 4-3-3 although with the strength of this squad we could just as easily play a variety of other formations depending on the opposition, one things for sure with this squad Moyes would have no hiding place so if he’s unable to win a trophy and at least challenge for the title next season then it’d prove if he really is the right man to succeed SAF.

  12. Adam says:

    it is true that moyes is getting a little frustating but where will we suddenly find a top manager right now? Kloop is happy coaching Dortmund and says the only managerial change he would want is to coach germany some day. van gaal wont be available until after wc and plus it might be another disillusioned summer window and stability will be questioned. Moyes atleast needs another season to build his own team and yeah, i think he needs to work on his tactics though

  13. Nosa says:

    Yeah…. I kind of go with ur suggestions,except for Evra,i dont think he should be in this ur line up.

  14. dany says:

    The inexperienced man called moyes will not sign him instead he will look were to spend big money to sign underrated player like the way he did at fallaini. We have players that can change everything in man u already but due bad team selections and tactical part of it is costing man u the season. What we need in man u is the caliber of coaches like Anceloti of real madrid,gus hidink,pep guadiola,mourinho. Coaches that has what it takes to turn things around not a coach that has not worn a trophy for his carrier. Sack moyes and get us hidink. This is the time the glazzer family should do something don’t mind what alex ferguson is saying about giving him a chance. If not that he wanted his fellow Scottish man to take over the club he wuld have giving mourinho this job.

  15. Ifiok james says:

    what makes you think that moyes will be able to sign costa diego, the right man to replace van persie is cavinai.Cavinai is a good striker,playing him along side with roony,mata,godugan,toni kross,rnus will make up a good squad.

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