Manchester United Can Sign Playmaker for €30m

SOCCER-CHAMPIONS/David Moyes is reportedly in Italy as he looks to sign midfield stars that can solve the recent crisis and help United get back to where they belong.
As published earlier, the Manchester United manager is looking to lure Juventus duo Pual Pogba and Arturo Vidal.
However, since the possibility of that happening is not very high, plus the fact that he is in Italy, more players are linked and speculation is there.
This time, according to Sports Media Set, Manchester United are interested in signing Napoli playmaker Marek Hamsik.
The Slovakian star has been at the Italian club since 2007 when he was just 20 years old and has grown on to become a significant star at the club.
Manager Rafael Benitez rates him very high but Hamsik has been injured lately and has missed quite a few games.
Makes no real sense why former Liverpool boss will want to sell one of his assets but as per the provided link, Napoli are actually ready to listen to offers for the Slovak and an offer worth €30m may as well be enough to lure him.
The mentioned sum is by all means fair enough for the highly talented 26 year old playmaker and Manchester United should splash the cash to sign him.
Hamsik only renewed his contract last summer and Napoli are well on course to qualify for the Champions League next season as well. On the other hand, they have a far superior squad than Manchester United and therefore Hamsik may think twice about moving to Old Trafford.
One thing is for sure, Manchester United can forget about signing him if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.
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  1. Andrew says:

    Erm, he wants to end his career at Napoli so they can basically forget about their chances at all of signing him. Plus why would Napoli accept 30m when he has no buyout clause? Not sure where people get these rumours from but United have NO chance.

  2. Janod says:

    Man United should hasting up to luring in this midfielder as soon as possible please. We need some additions this january to encourage our players to enable them pick up.

  3. vongkur katkum timchang says: about ending and we don,t know what your are doing, may be u want the board to sack u before u would be happy? Pls try and buy two midfielder, stop moving about in the name of buying players the is not urs. We are tired remours, up united fan.

  4. Syed zulkifli says:

    Don’t waste time and money in Italy. Might as well get all the Everton players to replace all the existing Man U players. Build around fellaini and DM will achieve his dream team – a team which will be lingering in mid table for the next 30 years. This will be quite a feat.

  5. Noble Paul says:

    Please action speak louder than words, we need him on time if he is to come..

  6. Aku OBinna says:

    Jesus Christ….. what da heck? moyes is Linked with more than 30 players still no sign of signing common One… ridiculous!!!!! moyes out…

  7. Ken says:

    Chelsea like a player, Chelsea buy a player end of

  8. Trevor Christie says:

    I cannot understand how the other top 4 clubs can sign players in the transfer window but we cannot . Moyes is all about speculation talks and rumours. Look at Chelsea how they quickly signed a player in January.

    • Andrew says:

      Moyes is looking at unrealistic targets. Hamsik wants to end his career at Napoli and signed a new contract till 2018. Vidal did the same thing at Juventus. Pogba’s set for an extension. Marchisio has always said he’s staying his entire career at Juventus. Verratti’s not happening.
      He needs to look at realistic targets. Inler, Guarin… Those types, a step down from the others but far more realistic.

  9. Rob Macgregor says:

    Look……….It seems like more bluster……..We’ll get the Real Madrid Left back on loan……a couple of kids….and maybe Pirlo/Alonso to round of the squad………..a real good plan…..backed up by the new chief executive….yes the Hobbit himself……….Surprise me…..Sign someone of substance….aaahhhh I forgot….you can recall Powell!………..remember this club…our club once signed the following wasters…Ian Ure,Ted MacDougal,Wyn Davies,Ron Davies,Peter Davenport,Gary Birtles,Taibi,Djemba Djemba …..ah yes and worse than that lot….Fellaini….

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