Man United's Biggest Concerns Under Moyes Remain the Same

Moyes Manchester UnitedAfter the worst possible start to his managerial career at Old Trafford, Manchester United fans thought that David Moyes will do wonders in the new year. Some fans still think that way.
However, the new year started with bigger disasters losing the first three games and two of them at the so called fortress.
Everyone is aware of the fact that Devils need quality signings to turn the season around but Man United’s biggest concerns under Moyes still remain the same and are never ending it seems.
Wasting Time
Moyes wasted hell lot of time in the summer transfer window even knowing that the team needs reinforcements while their rivals continued strengthening their teams. In the end, a panic buy of Fellaini who has largely failed so far.
The former Evertonian is doing the same again in the winter window as well. The team were in crisis and fans expected immediate signings yet half the month is gone. He had 4 odd months but well wasted time again and fans will be furious if they do not sign any top player this window.
Targeting the Wrong Players
Last summer, Moyes desperately wanted Cesc Fabregas at Manchester United but it was never going to happen. One, Cesc was never going to betray Arsenal, two he left Gunners for his beloved home town club and was clearly happy starting regularly. Yet Moyes thought that somehow he can sign Fab.
Now, the winter window, Moyes is in Italy hoping against hope to sign players like Vidal and Pogba from a team that is leading the league comprehensively, Juventus.
Last but not the least, his own personality, perhaps no one wants to sign for him and if that really happens, United may as well fail to qualify for the Champions League next season.
Manchester United fans should start fearing the worst already.
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  1. David says:

    I’m surprise the board have not issued moyes queries for all that is happening. Moyes does not have passion for his Job. Where are the players to face chelsea? It’s regrettable and painful to be a fan of a club that has refused to do things rightly.

  2. Raymond says:

    @David true talk, and Soccerisma thanks for speak out the facts, infact moyes approaches are too slow, its compulsory that we must buy a player that have alot to offer for his club?
    We buy vidic, evra, rafeal, chicharito nd ronaldo unknown and they contribute alot to the teams, why are we chasing a player dat they wont sell. pls let david moyes look else where or less team nt big team to buy his player because time is nt our friends nw. and am afraid of stupid history again!! Top 4 is nw our piority, Seventh is nt Man utd portions. UP MAN U UNITED 4LIFE!!!.

  3. Chukwuebuka says:

    Moyes and edward is not active in dis transfer business, they re leting our team down in some cases…i wonder what happen if we dnt qualify 4 top4.. our mildfield is very gud options..cleverly cant c shirt at everton or totham but he is a regular starter 4 man u…we nid 3mildfielders like gundogan, pastore and rickitic…dis re gud options….now we re playing chelsea…wit a dry mildfield …we re just going there 2 disgrace our self

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