Manchester United hold Talks to Lure €90m Duo

Arturo Vidal JuventusManchester United fans are desperately waiting for the club to splash the cash and sign world class players in the winter transfer window.
For now, the wait continues and all they are getting to hear are daily rumors.
Surely, Red Devils manager David Moyes is trying to sign a few but the fears of him failing like he did in the summer transfer window are there as well.
According to reports, Manchester United hold talks to lure €90m Juventus duo, Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal.
The idea of both superstars playing at Old Trafford in Manchester United midfield is too mouth watering.
However, as far as Juventus are concerned, the idea of losing two top quality stars from their midfield is by all means not even worth thinking.
Paul Pogba JuventusThe one that got away, Paul Pogba is linked with the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United.
As per the provided link, David Moyes wants the French star back at United and is ready to pay up to €48m for the highly talented midfielder.
On the other hand, Chilean star Arturo Vidal has been another top player for the Old Lady over the past few years.
The €42m rated star is happy with the Italian side but Moyes wants him as well. He is eager to sort out the midfield concerns once and for all, if not this winter than next summer.
Goes without saying, signing the mentioned stars is easier said than done and it is highly likely that David Moyes is going to fail in luring them.
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  1. Samson Adejoh says:

    All the time speculations upon speculation. Chelsea have sign one player last week and now Matic is already in Stamford Bridge for medical. Our today is Gundogan tommorrow Hererra, after tommorrow Pogba and Vidal, etc. They will continue like that and the window will close.

  2. David Deco says:

    I never believe in all this rubbish speculations,there are many players outside there who are willing and capable of playing for man united…. I don’t think Moyes will sign Any player this January….. well let just wait and see….

  3. Wilson says:

    Now Moyes supose to be the first Manager to sign a new player to his team But what is wrong with Moyes. He has so many links with class players why doesnt he sign at least one or two players now ? 200 M he has in his walet let him do something soon to avoid drop down again


    During the old golden days of Martin Edwards or David Gill at Goldtrafford MANUTD could sign which ever player on the planet they wanted to sign with any asking price but this doom days of the current executive Ceo Ed wood things are In turmoil and if immediate action is not taken then MANU can never compete with the likes of REAL,BARCA,BAYERN,PSG or MILAN teams but will be competing with Liverfools,Gooners,Spurs,Roma,Porto etc in the transfer market.I can’t watch 2013/2014 EPL been won by LFC,AFC or MCFC.

  5. benjamin samuel says:

    Sack David moyes now. Including his Agents and those scouting for him. Everyday speculation without result is not a good one for MANU. He should tell us reasons why is always not lucky in the transfer market. Is there no cash to splash or what?

  6. I never expect Man utd to have a manager like this! He is not our type, let’s sack him. He is a good manager but not for a high profile team like Manchester United. Most of the managers who have failed to do their job have already sacked. Let’s hire Antonio Conte and enjoy better results!

  7. Ebenezer Taiwo says:

    Fifteen days already no signings another roller coaster journey?

  8. benson says:

    moyes should be sacked immediately he is not fit to coach a big club like man u with his daily downfall, we cant wait n see our club bieng messed up.

  9. boboya says:

    I think, Moyes is not interested in winning any trophy for United coz he never won any in his career. These delay tactics are for setting record at old trafford. I wish any one in the Board of United reads this message of mind, let them send David away before he disappoint us. Running from player to player is just a delay tactic and finally he will miss out every opportunity.
    Rubbish Moyes

    • Doctor ken says:

      Moyes should be sacked with immediate effect, before he causes damage to our heart. The money has been given to him, i wounder what he is still waiting for. Please u people should sack that idiot before i will come and do it myself.

  10. ubong ekpro says:

    Moyes can’t attract high class player to our club he should be sack and woodward should resign fuirst thing tomorow morning

  11. Genuine edward says:

    Moyes is nothing at man utd failure to win even goat trophies of FA, CAPITAL ONE CUP it’s new thing and season to fiance, the better decission is sacking moyes with his banch before the club sinked up to the ocean floor, if top administration at old trafford haven’t seen this we will miss uefa next season. Sack moyes bring in conte to succed our former talented coach FERGIE who will never happen to moyes’s carrier

  12. tinashe romeo maruruma says:

    moyes is rubbish he cannot even sign a single player , speculation after speculation we are suppose to sign four players by now but we dont know what is this ideot doing wasting money going 2 spain, itally germany, and hotel fees to show us he stupid enough not to sign any player at all yet we struggling with defeats other clubs are signing player whilst moyes is travelling from one place to another he is not proffesional , he is very lazy we going to sign nothing every game we are full of heart breaks.

  13. Phila says:

    Paul Pogba should never set his foot at OT, I hate him…I hate french players attitude

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