Liverpool can Sign Eriksen Without Selling Suarez

Liverpool can Sign Eriksen Without Selling SuarezHaving already signed 4 players in this transfer season, Brendan Rodgers looks to add more quality to the squad to prepare his side for the next season. For now, the merseysiders face the dilemma of holding on to their prized asset Luis Suarez who wants to depart for Champions League football.
Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre has clearly stated that they want to convince Luis Suarez to stay at Anfield and also claimed that the club is still in search of more players to reinforce the squad.
Lately, Reds have been strongly linked with Ajax playmaker Christian Eriksen. The Danish star only has one year left on his contract and the Dutch Champions will prefer to cash on him now than to lose him for nothing next summer.
Some rumors have suggested that Liverpool are interested in signing Eriksen, others have suggested he is not even a target. Whatever the situation may be, Reds must seriously consider the option of signing one of the brightest young talents.
Ajax manager De Boer clearly stated that Eriksen may consider joining Liverpool, the Reds should not waste such an opportunity and must splash the required 15 odd million to sign him.
Much has been speculated that Liverpool will only spend big if Suarez is sold, however Ian Ayre’s comments suggest otherwise. Adding to that, the statistics of Liverpool net spending this summer also favor a move for Eriksen without selling Suarez.
Liverpool have sold Andy Carroll to West Ham and Jonjo Shelvey to Swansea for a combined sum of 20.5 million pounds. On the other hand, they have signed four players namely, Aspas, Toure, Mignolet and Alberto for a combined sum of 23.5 million pounds.
Liverpool’s net transfer expenditure on players is thus only 3 million pounds as yet. It was reported back in March that Rodgers will be handed at least 20 million pounds to play with this summer.
Surely, a deal for Eriksen can be funded without the need of getting rid of star player Suarez if and only if FSG are not way too greedy and reluctant to spend. Will Liverpool move for the highly rated youngster? They really should.
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  1. Rob says:

    I really hope Eriksen joins, but we also need another defender. I don’t think Brendan wants Toure to be a regular, even though he is a good, experienced player. I think we have more players we can sell to be able to afford Eriksen and another good defender such as Sakho. Expendable players include Spearing, Downing, Assaidi, Skrtel, Coates and Pacheco in my opinion.

  2. br says:

    it seems liverpool are not interested in this player

  3. Vic says:

    Doesn’t Eriksen play in the same position as Philippe?

  4. ali says:

    it seems liverpool are not interest Any player Unfortunately

  5. let lfc try nd snap up the deal

  6. Junssius says:

    I think we don’t need him. Coutinho has shown his class and it seems that he will be our playmaker this season and in the future, and I think also that his better than Eriksen. Eriksen is overrated I think. If he was so good, why not any other bigger club is not after him?

  7. Ezechukwu Onyekachi says:

    Liverpoolfc is the poorest club among all,only knows how to say we needs this & dat why you dont have a kobo to spend,pls,pls,pls it is a high time you people should stop decieving yourself with that of your so called linking players,you are warnd,ok let say dat we are in need of money,what is Glen Johnson,Spearing,Sabestine ,Fabio Borini,Pepe Rena,Lucas Levia,Skirtel & co,if i may ask,what are they still doing over there? Pls for CHRIST sake, Erikson is a nice player & very cheap in price,stop linking,linking,linking without submitting a bid & later we will be shouting we missed on this player or dat,pls let us wakeup from our slumber & make things reality,Rogers & Iyre pls stop giving us hypertension ok,.i wish both of you gudluck as you wakeup now & make signings,i mean big signings ok,Thanks.

    • Jimmy says:

      That is the most bullshit comment I’ve ever read onyekachi, and I’m not talking about its unreadability either. Every single point you made is stupid, Liverpool is the poorest of all clubs? We may not be as high flying as we used to be, but only a pure idiot could have the tenacity to say that it’s a ‘poor club’ let alone the poorest of all clubs? And I’m pretty sure every team in the world says what it needs in an ideal world, you can’t be criticised for showing interest in a player, I admit LFCs execution on bigger links has been poor as of late (mkhitaryan eg) but nothing you said made any sense? Surely the fact Liverpool are even linked with someone like erikson proves we are a club with at least with a certain degree if class?

  8. wallace says:

    indeed lfc are playing a risky game in the transfer market. Some bargains are unneccesary; lfc loosing a quality attacker like henrik to dortmund doesnt really make much sense to me. I think the price was cool 23.7 million pounds yet failing to catch the deal.
    Buy: bernard, shaqiri, eriksen, cissoko, williams, aldiwield
    sell: downing, sketel, suarez,
    loan: coates.
    sturidge and aspas will do the damage

  9. wallace says:

    spearing should exit. i forgot to add him

  10. wallace says:

    i think BR doesnt want to sign eriksen. He has been given the green light what is he (BR) waiting for.

  11. Filo says:

    I say LFC should sign Eriksen, Every team should hv more than 1 playmaker, for example “Barcelona, Man City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus etc…” all hv more than 2 playmakers, so in the future, we’ll hv Eriksen-Coutinho-Luis Alberto-Suso, that would be a good thing for us, so hopefully we’ll see Eriksen in a LFC Shirt this season….

  12. John says:

    Please Rogers, it is time to move away from sleep. The club is given it followers i mean suppoters hypertension pls sign Eriksen he is a wonderful player we need him wearing the red shirt atleast we need a back up. What if phillip got injured who is the better option pls liverpoolfc make the habit of signing playings in time, we missed out on Henrikh that is how we went for this guy at Fulham and lost to tottheham last transfer market so pls sign Ericksen before is too late. Again Pls, dispose the likes of Johnson, spearing, Henderson Lucas, Asaidi and any other player that is not wanted in the club again. Lastly we need a defender like Ashley williams is perfect.

  13. a says:

    REINA 10
    SKRTEL 12
    BORINI 8
    CARROLL 15
    ASPAS 8
    ERIKSEN 17
    BERNARD 20
    TOBY 8
    CAPOUE 15

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