Juventus to Lose Edge due to Injuries

Juventus’ manager, Allegri, has lost a number of players as of late. This led to speculations, injuries may slow down the team’s current winning streak. Many important matches are ahead for Juventus. Their clash against Manchester City is to take place this Wednesday evening at Juve’s home ground. It looks like luck isn’t on Juventus’ side as several key players, including Hernanes, were injured days before the important match.

Last Saturday, Juventus succeeded in winning yet another crucial clash, the one against their major rivals AC Milan. The Old Lady is in heavy competition with the Rossoneri for a higher spot in the Serie A standings table. Slowly, but surely, the team is making its way towards the Serie A top. Last Saturday’s win granted Juventus the sixth place with 21 points. Milan are only a single point behind their rivals.

Things were going well until several Juve players sustained serious injuries, preventing them from making appearances on the pitch in the weeks to come. Among this season’s injury casualties is defensive midfielder Sami Khedira, who suffered a hamstring injury in August. Meanwhile, Juve’s central defender, Martin Caceres, was suspended after he crashed his car in a bus stop, supposedly while driving under the influence. While on international duty, Caceres also sustained a muscle strain.

After the Juventus versus Milan clash this past Saturday, Caceres and Khedira were joined by fullback Patrice Evra and midfielder Hernanes. Evra sprained his ankle, while playing against Milan. The Brazilian Hernanes complained of discomfort in his right thigh at the end of the clash. Scans confirmed Hernanes had a first-grade tear in his thigh’s abductor longus muscle. The player was then sidelined until his full recovery and is expected to return in about three weeks from now.

Hernanes’ performances have been rather unimpressive lately. The Brazilian midfielder had appeared on the field a total of eleven times with the Old Lady. Impressive number, nevertheless Hernanes failed to score a single goal or even assist one. Fans hope he will demonstrate a better form upon his return.

These are not the only Juventus’ players, missing from the pitch as of late. Juventus’ boss, Massimiliano Allegri, is also missing Roberto Pereyra and Kwadwo Asamoah from his team. Both were seriously injured, but are on their way back to recovery. Both players suffered thigh muscle tears, but Asamoah especially, has been frequently absent from the field due to knee problems.

The great number of injured players might present itself as a serious setback for the Old Lady. Especially now, when they have important clashes ahead of them. Tomorrow Juventus will host the game against Manchester City. This Sunday, on November 29th, Juve will play against the Serie A team Palermo, currently 14th with 15 points.

Hernanes will not be able to join his team mates in other important upcoming matches against Juventus’ rivals, Lazio and Fiorentina. The Brazilian is also set to miss Juve’s final game against Capri, which is to take place on the 20th of December, right before the winter break.

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