Ancelotti May Return to Real

According to the bookmakers, Carlo Ancelotti may return to one of the biggest and richest clubs in Europe, namely Real Madrid.

Real Madrid fired Carlo Acelotti this summer. He succeeded in leading the team to “Decima”, which is the longest awaited 10th victory of the European Cup.

Despite of this major achievement, the former manager was sacked 12 months later. But this was not the first time, when he was put in similar situation. He was a manager of Chelsea, but the club axed him a year after they won the FA Cup and their first Premier League.

Real Madrid have serious problems at the moment. The team suffered an embarrassing 4-0 loss against Barcelona on Saturday at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Moreover, the team was defeated at the game against Sevilla earlier this month.

Rafael Benítez has been under enormous pressure for a while. He is having difficult time in bonding with most footballers, including Ronaldo. The manager does not prioritize his relationship with his key players, as many coaches do.

Ronaldo, the top player of Real, said that the team would not win anything with the current coach. It is believed that he was playing “under protest”. The star of the club feels isolated as a centre forward. He said many times that he was not fond of the rigid strategy that Benítez perceives.

Bookmakers believe that Ancelotti may be suggested to return as a manager of the club. He has been an excellent coach to Real Madrid.

Firstly, it was expected that Zinedine Zidane would replace Benítez, but he confirmed that he was comfortable being the B-team coach and cooled down the speculations. He added that he was happy at Real Madrid Castilla and ensured that he would not take over the first team.

After Zidane’s refusal, the bookmakers expect that Ancelotti has a chance to have his job back. They also suggested that André Villas-Boas, José Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino are among the people who may be chosen to manage Real Madrid. But the Ancelotti has the biggest 2/1 chance.

The question is whether Ancelotti would put himself once again through the criticism and scrutiny. But when it comes to managing one of the greatest clubs in the world, it must be difficult to decline.

If he awaits, another good jobs may be coming up soon. Maybe Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City? Ancelotti knows which is the best option for him.

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Morgan Bray

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