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Gambling is a popular pastime in Australia, and the growing popularity of such activities in the country results from the pub culture and their fondness for betting on sports. It is therefore easy to see why the Australian gambling market is so attractive for operators, and this segment, in particular, continues to thrive.

Australians have always been fascinated by sports betting and although this kind of activity was considered illegal until the 1980s, the harsh rules and regulations did not prevent Australians from wagering on their favorite sports. Since then, sports betting has been allowed through licensed operators and FootyTAB. The year 1996 saw the legalization of online sports betting in the Northern Territory and later on, it was declared legal in the other states.

The thirst for gambling activities is one of the things Australians are best known for today, and while a couple of years ago, they were used to spinning the reels for hours upon hours, betting on sports is seeing the fastest rise these days. The engagement in such activities has surged up by 15%, and this increase can be put down to the ever-growing number of sports betting sites and apps Australians are given access to.

Their love for gambling activities is unlikely to decrease any time soon, and researches show that more than one million people in the country go for sports betting on a regular basis, and these figures do not apply to betting on horse and dog races. Read ahead to learn more about the gambling-related legislation in Australia, the fan-favorite sports, as well as some of the best sports betting sites that cater to the market.

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Historical Overview

Historical Overview
An essential thing to take into account about the gambling industry in Australia is that it has traditionally been under the oversight of the states and rather than falling under the sway of the Commonwealth. For this reason, it is easy to see why there is no overarching statute, which covers gambling activities or a single authority, which oversees the way such activities are conducted. That being said, there are still a number of Federal statutes that deal with some aspects of the gambling market within the country.

In Australia, gambling activities are regulated at Federal and state level, and each of the eight states and mainland territories has the right to introduce their own set of rules to regulate the gambling industry. Australia consists of six federated states, and ten federal territories, from which ten are internal and the remaining seven are external. As for the external territories, they are offshore dependent, and are only partially resting on the state.

Gambling activities started to gather momentum in the 19th century, and betting on horse races was the first activity, which was made available to Australians. Betting on horse races became hugely popular, so much so that racetracks sprout in almost every big town in the country. Back then, greyhound and harness racing were also exceedingly popular but were not as sought after as betting on horse races.

Betting activities continued to thrive, and by the 1890s, the totalizator was made available at the racetracks of several towns within the country. Needless to say, this led to the further expansion and development of gambling activities in Australia. To cope with illegal gambling, which proliferated in the 1960s, lawmakers introduced the Totalizer Agency Boards, also known as TABs, which also helped the tax revenue to skyrocket. Although lotteries garnered lots of attention and lawmakers’ stance on their legality was quite liberal, most other forms of gaming were prohibited in the country until the 1970s.

In spite of the fact that betting on sports was prohibited until the 1980s, Australians still went for wagering on football, cricket, and boxing, among others. It is interesting to point out that the Northern Territory was the first to legalize online betting on sports back in 1996, and several other states decided to follow suit quickly after this.

Today, sports betting is a prominent industry with a tendency for further expansion. More than 50% of the sports wagers are placed online. Australians are allowed to wager from the comfort of their homes and take advantage of the services of many operators available on the market.

Back in 2008, the Australian High Court lifted the ban imposed on the bookmakers that deterred them from advertising their services in a jurisdiction they are not licensed to operate in. This further boosted the revival of the sports betting industry and as a result, bookies entered into commercial marketing agreements with prominent corporate bookmakers.

According to avid sports fans, the National Rugby league and the Australian Football League events are the most popular in Australia, and they generate huge annual revenues. In point of fact, sports betting laws have been repeatedly amended during the years. Depending on the state you are based in, you have to adhere to different sports betting rules and regulations.

According to avid sports fans, the National Rugby league and the Australian Football League events are the most popular in Australia and they generate huge annual revenues. In point of fact, sports betting laws have been repeatedly amended during the years. Depending on the state you are based in, you have to adhere to different sports betting rules and regulations.

Regulatory Body

As we explained already, gambling activities in Australia are regulated at a Federal and territory/state level, and there is no overarching authority, which is in charge of the gambling industry. Thus, there are different regulators that operate within the states and territories, issue licenses to the operators, enforce the legislation when needed, and ensure the compliance of gambling activities.

The gambling regulator in New South Wales is the Liquor and Gaming NSW, and it is in charge of the regulation of gaming and wagering within the state. It is an independent statutory decision-maker, which grants licenses and copes with disciplinary matters, which sits within the NSW Department of Customer Services.

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) is the statutory authority, which oversees the liquor and gambling industries in Victoria. It cooperates with government agencies and state departments to support licenses and takes measures to create and maintain a safe gaming environment. The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is the regulator, which operates within the Australian Capital Territory, while The Department of Social Services is the Australia-wide regulator.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation is the authority, which oversees gambling activities in Queensland, while the regulator in Tasmania is the Liquor and Gaming Commission. The regulator in South Australia is the Consumer and Business Services Department, while the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor operates in West Australia.

Although each state or territory is authorized to regulate gambling activities on its territory, according to the Australian Constitution, the Federal Government can control trade, money, and telecommunications within the Australian states and territories. As a result, the Federal Government has enacted laws that address online gambling, competition, consumer protection, and anti-money laundering, among others.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is the regulatory body, which oversees the media and communication within the country, including betting on handheld devices and computers. The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center, on the other hand, is a financial intelligence agency, which deals with counter-terrorism financing and anti-money laundering.

Finally, the Australian Consumer Protection Laws are enforced by the Australian Consumer Protection and Competition Commission. It is an independent Commonwealth statutory body, which needs to guarantee that gambling services providers abide by Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Relevant Legislative Framework

Relevant Legislative FrameworkAs mentioned above, online sports betting is legal in Australia but each of the ten states has its own betting rules. Every state also has its own gambling commission.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital TerritoryThe Gambling and Racing Commission is in charge of the sports betting activities that take place on the territory of the Australian Capital Territory, and it was established after the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999 was passed. The aim of this piece of legislation was to continue the administration of some gambling-related laws that were given the nod in the past, and most importantly, to set out the functions and powers of the Gambling and Racing Commission.

Online casinos in the region were legalized in 1998, but this decision was overridden by the Commonwealth law dating back to 2001.

Currently, there are no remote operators holding a license to operate in the Australian Capital Territory. However, punters are legally allowed to take part in lotteries, horse racing, and sports betting activities available at brick-and-mortar venues. Although the legislative matters need to be ironed out, the Commission has approved some pretty favorable players’ rules.

New South Wales

All forms of gambling on the territory of New South Wales are monitored and regulated by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, which saw the light of the day back in 2016. The most popular company that has obtained a license from the authorities was Tabcorp although there are some smaller bookmakers that are also legally allowed to operate. What should be noted about Tabcorp is that it has a near-monopoly when it comes to betting shops and lotteries across Australia.

However, the region is not quite appealing for international operators because of the tough rules and regulations. So much so that up until recently, there was just one casino license issued to a gaming operator in New South Wales.

An important thing to consider about New South Wales is that, unlike most other parts of Australia, where unauthorized gambling is concerned, the liability is placed on the operator, and not on the punter. This is not the case in New South Wales and Western Australia where, under certain circumstances, the liability is put on the users, and not the operators.

After the National Consumer Protection Framework was introduced, all states and territories need to come up with measures that should prohibit advertising inducement and thus protect consumers. New South Wales in particular is among the states that have come up with measures that prohibit gaming operators from offering incentives that aim at making punters continue betting.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Norfolk Island is a self-governing part of the Australian Commonwealth and as such, it is considered a tax haven. Some gambling authorities questioned the safety of the sports betting activities in the region and raised concerns over the reliability of the operators that are issued a license by the Norfolk Island Gambling Commission.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory
It is safe to say that the Northern Territory has a long history as far as sports betting activities are concerned. The state gambling commission is known as the authority that has issued the first Australian bookmaker license to Centrebet. In point of fact, the Northern Territory Licensing Commission was formed in February 2000 as a merger between the Escort Agency Licensing Board, Gaming Control Commission, Private Security Licensing Authority, Liquor Commission and Gaming Machine Commission. The Northern Territory Licensing Commission oversees all forms of gambling within the state borders. It is also famous for being really strict when it comes to issuing a license.

It is interesting to point out that the NTRC is celebrated for its tried and tested licensing regime and the wide range of licensing options. Thus, seals of approval can be granted to operators that want to offer lotteries and bookmaking.

Another thing to consider about the Northern Territory is that, unlike the other Australian territories and states that have introduced a PoC Tax, lawmakers expressed their opposition to the tax and chose not to implement the new system.


The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation is responsible for monitoring all forms of gambling activities in Queensland Australia, including machine gaming, keno, lotteries, and casinos, among others. However, the region is not an appealing destination for operators because of the high tax rates they have to pay. As is the case with other states and territories the likes of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria, Queensland also approved the PoC tax framework, which was set in place back in 2018. In fact, Queensland is among the states and territories that have introduced a significantly higher rate of 15% when compared to the other Australian territories.

However, the lack of many sports betting options in Queensland is not a setback for passionate punters who are free to place their wagers with operators licensed to provide services in other states.That being said, the number of private entities that can apply for a casino license is heavily on the rise.

South Australia

South Australia It can safely be said that the gambling-related legislation of Australia is far from being unified, and instead, it is marked by great diversity and, on some occasions, even contradiction. It is interesting to point out that South Australia was the first territory to approve the tote, but legislators quickly noticed that their actions missed the mark, and the usage of the tote did not bring down the betting volume or pull of the bookmakers. After this, back in the 1930s, lawmakers decided to authorize off-course betting in the state in an attempt to cope with the thriving SP betting.

The Lotteries Commission enabled South Australian residents to wager on lottery and horse racing tote. It was not until 1995 when private gambling was legalized. As a result, the current gambling commission known as the Independent Gambling Authority was established. To cut the long story short, today, betting on the territory of South Australia is allowed on grounds that the bettor uses the services of an authorized betting operator. It is important to note that punters are not eligible for receiving any special bonuses or taking advantage of bookies’ promotions.

The ban comes as a result of the legislative changes that were brought about with the passage of the Interactive Gaming Act. Under the new set of rules, betting sites are not allowed to offer any kind of bonuses to their customers, while brick-and-mortar betting premises can only give branded products or complimentary beverages.

Today, the authority, which oversees all gambling activities on the territory of South Australia is the Consumer and Business Services Department, which sits within the Attorney-Generals’ Department. Its core duties include issuing licensing, coming up with gambling-related policies, and ensuring the compliance of lotteries, casinos, gaming machines, and betting.


Tasmania Although Tasmania is the smallest Australian state, it is commonly recognized as the gambling trend-setter. Speaking of online betting in particular, it was legalized once the Gaming Control Act 1993 passed. The Tasmanian Gambling Commission is in charge of all gambling affairs on the territory of the state, and although it is an independent statutory body, it still gets support from the Department of Treasury and Finance.

It is also important to note that when the Act was passed, it made it possible for two land-based casinos to set up shop. As is the case in other territories in the country, Tabcorp is the only company allowed to offer off-course betting, lotteries, and totalizers through retail outlets in Tasmania.


Victoria The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation is the gambling regulator overseeing the gambling activities in Victoria. Additionally, the Department of Justice and Regulation also plays a role when it comes to the regulation of gambling activities carried out in Victoria.

All licensees go through a thorough verification process before being given the nod to operate. Similarly to the South Australian Commission, the Victorian Commission has prohibited bookmakers from offering bonuses and promotions to their users.

It is worth noting that in Victoria, a heavy focus is put on customer protection, and this is the only state/territory that has carried out research over the negative impact gambling activities might have.

Western Australia

Western Australia Western Australia was among the states that fiercely opposed gambling legislation. The Western Australian Police Act 1892 declared betting activities illegal. However, the Lotteries Control Act of 1936 legalized charitable lotteries. The Betting Control Act 1954 and the Totalisator Agency Board Betting Act 1960 were the two pieces of legislation that allowed Western Australians to take advantage of horse race betting and charitable bingo games.

Today, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor regulates all forms of gambling and punters can find comprehensive information about the available operators on the regulator’s website. It sits within the Minister for Gaming and Racing portfolio, and its duties include issuing seals of approval, ensuring the compliance of the operators, and introducing gambling-related policies.

Interactive Gambling Act (2001) – IGA

interactive gambling act The Interactive Gambling Act came into force in 2001, and it made it impossible for Australian companies to provide gambling-related products and services such as bingo, casino games, and poker. Before that time, a 12-month moratorium was presented, which aimed at limiting the access of Aussies to gambling-related products and services prior to the introduction of the Act. The aim of this piece of legislation was to determine the rules operators need to comply with while offering or advertising their services, no matter when it comes to apps or websites.

After the Act was given the nod, gaming operators were no longer allowed to offer in-play betting, as well as sports betting services if they do not possess a seal of approval issued in Australia.

The Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act with the aim of protecting the vulnerable part of the population. Operators were prohibited from advertising any real money services, and offering or promoting credit for online betting services is also illegal under the provisions of the Act.

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 was amended for the first time back in 2017, and the aim of the changes was to effectively deal with the efforts of overseas operators to provide their services on the territory of Australia. After the legislative changes took into effect back in 2017, a new set of tools to make punters abide by the gambling-related legislation was introduced, together with a register of all gaming operators that have acquired an Australian seal of approval.

Additionally, the new rules made it illegal for gaming operators to promote or offer credit to punters. The only exceptions are customers that are providers of gambling services, as well as telephone betting services that have a turnover of less than $30 million per year. As a result of the reforms that were approved back in 2017, the number of operators that ceased offering their services in Australia has exceeded 100, and a decrease of the money punters have lost while using the services of offshore betting sites was also reported.

The Interactive Gambling Act was amended again in 2019, only to introduce the National Self-Exclusion Register of Australia.

At the dawn of online betting, there was not an Australian Commonwealth law related to it. The first online casino was granted a license in 1997 and two years later, it was accessible for users based in the Northern Territory.

At that time, online gambling was legal in the Northern Territory only but the Commonwealth Government took a final stance on the matter in 2001 when the Interactive Gambling Act was passed. However, operators that have already been present on the market retained the right to provide their products and services.

The Interactive Gambling Act did not stop passionate punters from taking advantage of online gambling activities provided by foreign operators that do not have an Australian license. Basically, these operators are illegal but the Australian authorities have no influence on them since they operate under a different jurisdiction. However, there is another side of the coin. Australian gambling authorities cannot impose penalties to foreign operators. In other words, if you have been unfairly treated or you spotted a violation, you cannot ask your state gambling commission for help.


Restrictions As far as sports betting is concerned, Australian laws are pretty liberal. However, in most states, the advertising of any gambling or sports betting-related products is prohibited.

In brief, gambling activities are widespread in Australia and most of them are legal. The gambling industry of the country is strictly controlled and taxed on federal, territory, and state level. As we explained already, each state or territory is allowed to introduce limitations on EGMs and licenses on its own. That being said, the rules that dictate how interactive and online gambling are conducted in all states and territories are set out in the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

As we said earlier, this piece of legislation imposes a ban on online EGM gaming and interactive casinos. The Northern Territory, however, chose to go another route, and exempted betting on sports and racing from these restrictions.

Yet, operators have to adhere to certain restrictions. For instance, Australian operators cannot provide online pokies although players can legally play slots at foreign betting sites. Australian residents must be at least 18 years old in order to be allowed to legally take part in online and offline sports betting and casino games.

Another thing to note is that back in 2019, the usage of credit cards for gambling-related purposes was limited as a result of the growing concerns of multiple Australian financial institutions.

The financial institutions that stirred the introduction of the limits include The Bank of Queensland, American Express, Virgin Money, Latitude Financial, and Suncorp, among others. In spite of the fact that there has been a prohibition at law on the usage of credit cards while taking part in gambling activities since 2017, the envisaged measures are yet to be legally implemented. Because of this, this payment method is still to be seen on the websites of many Australia-facing sportsbooks.

Popular Sports to Bet onYou might not be surprised to know that some of the sports popular in Australia, are little known around the world and vice versa. The regional differences are also worthy of mentioning.

For example, Rugby League is extremely popular in Sydney, while Melbourne-based punters are keen on Australian football. Yet, it can be concluded that overall, the sport punters most frequently bet on is Aussie Rules football. Golf, cricket, horse racing, motor sports and tennis are also popular among Australians.

Popular Odds Formats in Australia

The choice of Australia-friendly sports betting platforms punters have is indeed wide and varied, but diving headfirst into registration is undoubtedly not an approach, which will bring them fruitful results. There are certain characteristics of the betting sites gambling enthusiasts should always pay close attention to, and the supported odds formats are one of them. Most bookies these days tend to offer all major odds formats that include fractional, decimal, and American odds but sometimes, Hong Kong and Malaysian odds might also be added to the line-up of options.

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds format is arguably the most chosen one not only by punters from Australia but by gambling enthusiasts from many other territories around the globe. This odds format is so well-preferred by punters simply because of its simpleness, which renders it a good choice for sports bettors at all levels of experience.

Besides, this is the most common odds format, meaning that punters’ choice of bookies to bet at will by no means be limited. When using this odds format, punters will be able to work out the return they will be in for based on the stake they have made right off. While using the decimal odds format, punters will get to see the total return a winning bet of $1 will bring about.

Thus, if we presume that gambling enthusiasts are about to stake $10 at odds of 5.00, the payout they will be in for if their pick is correct will be $50 ($10 x 5.00). Keep in mind that this amount also contains the bet amount they have opted for.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are also a commonly available option at the online bookies, but in most cases, this format is offered at sports betting platforms that are mainly oriented towards the UK and Irish gambling markets.

As the name suggests, this format uses fractions in order to express the return punters will be in for based on the bet they have made. Settling on this format means that the odds will look like this: ½ and 2/1, for example. In either event, gambling enthusiasts will see the net return they will stand the chance to get for a winning wager of $1.

American Odds

American odds are primarily used by bookmakers that eye the US sports betting market. This odds format does not enjoy such overwhelming popularity as the decimal one, for example, mainly because more efforts are required to figure out what the potential return will be.

Perhaps, the biggest peculiarity of this odds format is that the prices for the underdog are expressed using a positive sign, while the lines for the winner have a negative sign. The negative sign will go to show what amount gambling enthusiasts are required to wager to guarantee themselves a return of $100. The positive sign before the value of the odds indicates the amount sports bettors will have the chance to bag for every $100 they stake.

American odds are frequently referred to as moneyline odds, and look like this: -200 and +200.

Popular Sports to Bet on

It is unlikely to come as a surprise that people in Australia love watching and going to games, but betting on such events is also on the list of the most enjoyed pastimes of many people from the country. While there are many fan-favorite sports in the states and territories in Australia, the ones we will focus on dominate the portfolios of the sportsbooks that target the market.

You might not be surprised to know that some of the sports popular in Australia are little known around the world and vice versa. The regional differences are also worthy of mentioning.

For example, Rugby League is extremely popular in Sydney, while Melbourne-based punters are keen on Australian football. Yet, it can be concluded that overall, the sport punters most frequently bet on is Aussie Rules. Golf, cricket, horse racing, motorsports and tennis are also popular among Australians.

Popular Sports to Bet On Summary
Sport Pre-match/In-play Leagues
Australian Football Yes/Yes AFL
Rugby League Yes/Yes National Rugby League, The Rugby Championship, Six Nations Championship, and Rugby World Cup
Soccer Yes/Yes A-League
Cricket Yes/Yes ICC Cricket World Cup, BBL, and WBBL
Basketball Yes/Yes The NBA and National Basketball League

Australian Football

Since the country is the birthplace of Australian football or Aussie rules as it is often referred to, it makes sense that it is the most chosen option by gambling enthusiasts. There is evidence that the first such games took place in the 19th century, and throughout the years, the sport has turned into an inseparable part of Australian culture.

The football season, which runs between March and August, attracts lots of attention from punters, which goes to explain why bookies do not miss to provide coverage for the games. It is interesting to point out that today, Aussie rules is not only popular in Australia as the number of the countries that take part in the International Cup are already 26.

Rugby League

Rugby is yet another sport, which enjoys a massive following in Australia, and it is played across schools and universities all throughout the country. Wallabies, which is Australia’s national rugby union team played, for the first time back in 1899, and today, it is the representative team of the country when rugby union is concerned.

Interestingly enough, the team has taken part in all nine editions of the Rugby World Cup, where it has lifted the trophy twice and has ended second on two occasions. Yet, the team sees highs and lows in the 2020s, but this is not to say that the popularity of the sport will decline.


Another sport, which booms in popularity in Australia is basketball, and figures show that one in three Australians have a liking for the sport. Additionally, this is the second-highest team participation sport in the country, which also goes to prove what overwhelming popularity basketball has.

Naturally, the NBA is the league, which enjoys the most massive following from Australians, but the National Basketball League also has a large audience.


When speaking about the sports that enjoy massive followership in Australia, cricket is also worth mentioning. The sport is now finding its way into the portfolios of many sports betting platforms that are facing the Australian market, and they go out of their way to provide lines for all major competitions punters might be interested in including the BBL and the WBBL.

Popular Banking Methods in Australia

The quick and hassle-free transfer of funds to and from the sports betting platform punters have decided to join can undoubtedly make them push ahead with their betting session or give up on it. Because of this, before they register for an account, punters should always gain an appreciation of the accepted banking methods, the processing times, the fees that might incur, the deposit, and cashout times.

Additionally, the accepted currencies are also worth taking a look at, especially if gambling enthusiasts want to avoid paying conversion fees.

As we said earlier, the Federal Government has started to consider measures that will prevent punters from using their credit cards while betting. Concerns were also voiced about the usage of digital wallets, but so far, no steps are taken to limit the availability of such services.

Credit and Debit Cards

In spite of the limits the Federal Government plans to set in place, card payments are still an option a large number of Australia-facing bookies offer. Gambling enthusiasts use their debit and credit cards at all times, which goes to explain why they are so heavily into using their Visa, Mastercard, or American Express-branded cards during their betting session.

Celebrated for their efficiency, security, and affordability, card payments are a top choice for punters from Australia and from many other parts of the globe.

Digital Wallets

The options punters have when they want to enjoy lightning-quick payments to and from their bookie of choice do not exclusively boil down to credit and debit cards as digital wallets also serve that purpose. The payment processors gambling enthusiasts can use to add funds to their balance or withdraw their winnings vary significantly, but most of the time, they can do so using Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, and PayPal.

An added benefit of the usage of digital wallets is that there is no need to lay bare any of their details in order to authorize the transaction. The cost-effectiveness of these digital wallets should not be overlooked as the above-mentioned providers outperform many other banking solutions in this department.

Prepaid Vouchers

Punters who are extremely cautious while betting over the Internet might prefer to handle their payments using prepaid vouchers. Paysafecard, Flexepin, and Neosurf are only some of the deposit options that might appear when punters visit the cashier of their preferred sports betting platform. What they should not forget, however, is that normally, these payment processors allow for the deposit of smaller amounts and do not double as cashout options.

Popular Banking Methods Summary
Payment Method Fees Deposit Limits Deposit Times Withdrawal Limits Pending withdrawal time Withdrawal Times
Visa Varies Min $10-Max $10,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Mastercard Varies Min $10-Max $10,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
American Express Varies Min $10-Max $10,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Upaycard Fee-free Min $10 – $4,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $40,000 Between 24 and 48 hours A couple of hours
POLi Fee-free Min $10-Max $6,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Bpay Fee-free Min $10-Max $5,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Neosurf Fee-free Min $10- Max $1,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
PayPal Fee-free Min $10- Max $5,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $10,000 Between 24 and 48 hours A couple of hours
Neteller Fee-free Min $10- Max $15,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $10,000 Between 24 and 48 hours A couple of hours
Skrill Fee-free Min $10- Max $15,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $10,000 Between 24 and 48 hours A couple of hours
ecoPayz Fee-free Min $10- Max $15,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $10,000 Between 24 and 48 hours A couple of hours
Paysafecard Fee-free Min $10- Max $10,000 Instant N/A N/A N/A
Bank transfer Fee-free Min $30 – Max $5,000 Instant Min $20 – Max $50,000 Between 24 and 48 hours Between 5 and 7 days

Mobile Betting in Australia

The online gambling segment in Australia is the fastest-growing, and there are no signs that it will lower its pace soon. In order for local and overseas operators to accommodate punters from Australia, they should first apply for a seal of approval from the gambling authority of the respective state or territory.

Fortunately for gambling enthusiasts, there are a number of licensed bookies they can access anytime and anywhere. Normally, the same volume of betting action punters can access on their computers will be available to mobile users, and to achieve this, gaming operators offer downloadable or in-browser apps.

The latter is a go-to option for those for whom betting while being on the move without using any of the storage space of their device is a must. No matter which of the two routes punters will pick in order to access their bookie of choice on their tablet or smartphone, it is highly unlikely that there will be features that will be out of reach. In-app features, the likes of live streams, cash-out, and bet-builder are commonly available across the Australia-facing bookies.

Punters should not stress over the availability of their favorite sport on the go or the markets they prefer to opt for as normally, all options are transferred from the desktop to the mobile variants of the bookie. The same rings true also when the deposit and cashout methods are concerned.

To tell the good mobile-friendly sports betting platforms from the rest of the betting sites, punters should pay closer attention to their usability as this is one of the things worthwhile bookies are celebrated for. To ensure that their betting session on the go will be smooth, punters should check how easy it is to browse the betting platform, place bets, and even get in touch with the support hosts.

Key Aspects of a Worthy Betting Site

When punters ultimately decide to take the plunge and follow through their betting session even when they are on the go or on their computer, the most challenging thing is indeed settling on the best bookmaker. Picking the sports betting platform, which measures up to punters’ requirements can be a struggle, especially if they are unaware of the key factors to consider while evaluating its quality.

The Way The Sports Betting Platform Looks and Feels

First things first, the way the initial screen is organized makes a huge difference in terms of the overall experience of punters. Oftentimes, gambling enthusiasts steer clear of bookies where they are inundated by banners or pop-up windows. Make sure that the navigation around the landing page and switching between the different sections are not a headache. Most bookies tend to facilitate the navigation around their platforms with one-click tabs, thus guaranteeing that their users will wrap their heads around with ease.

To ensure that gambling enthusiasts’ experience will not be inferior, they should also go for betting sites that have an uncluttered design where everything loads in next to no time, no matter if they are powered on a desktop or a portable device.

The Variety of Sports

Another jumping-off point while rating the preferred sports betting platform is the selection of sports punters are given a choice from. If punters are not only enthusiastic about betting on Aussie rules, they should make sure that the bookie offers prices for all other sports they might have a liking for, and of course, that the odds are competitive. The market variety is one more distinctive trait of the top Australia-oriented sportsbooks.

The Accepted Payment Methods

While drilling down the bookie punters are about to join, visiting its banking page is something they should always do. Make sure that the preferred deposit and cashout methods are accepted at the bookie, and that no exorbitant fees will be charged. The processing times are one more thing to go into before gambling enthusiasts hit the registration button.

Mobile Friendliness

The availability of the sportsbook on the go can also make punters hook with it, and if this is also the case with you, you should check whether there are downloadable apps or you can access the betting platform straight from your browser. Of course, the availability of dedicated or in-browser apps is not enough, and gambling enthusiasts should take their time to evaluate the performance of the sportsbook on their tablet or smartphone.

Customer Support

While weighing the good and bad sides of the preferred Australia-friendly sportsbook, punters should always check the working hours of the help center, the languages in which assistance is offered, as well as the paths of communication they can choose between.

Popular Bookies in Australia

The bookies that cater to the Australian market are by no means one or two, which might make it harder for punters to pick a platform. Because of this, we have compiled a list of ten of the most frequented bookies by Aussie punters that rank high in terms of sports coverage, mobile betting, trustworthiness, and payments, among others.


Betfair Betfair is an easily recognizable sports betting platform, which provides its services across multiple regulated jurisdictions, Australia included. To accept punters from the country, the operator has acquired a seal of approval from the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

Betfair performs well in total score betting, head to head and line betting but it is praised mainly for futures betting and margins. Usually, Betfair users place wagers mainly on football, horse racing events, and tennis although the bookie covers a great number of other sports. The Interactive Gambling Act does not allow Australians to take advantage of live online betting, so punters must phone in order to make a live bet. Betfair is also associated with the excellent liquidity, correct score odds and the broad range of sports available.

Punters from Australia will find prices for all their favorite sports as the bookie also facilitates wagering on Aussie rules, basketball, cricket, and golf, to name a few. If punters want to get some tips before they go ahead with their real-money bets, they should head over to the Betfair Hub.

Betfair offers multiple customer service channels for Australia, including several phone lines and email, and best of all, they are all accessible around the clock.

  • Pros

  • Reputable and properly licensed operator
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offers lines for many sports that are popular in Australia
  • Payments are fee-free
  • Multiple Australia-friendly payment methods
  • Cons

  • No live chat support
  • The cashout methods are very limited


Ladbrokes Ladbrokes has been available in Australia since 2013, and over the years, it managed to achieve recognition and become a leading bookmaker on the Australian sports betting scene. In point of fact, Ladbrokes acquired and made its grand entrance to the Australian sports betting market. Ladbrokes primarily focused on horse racing events, but the operator facilitates betting on a number of other sports, including soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby, baseball, and basketball, among others.

The website is also accessible via smartphones and tablets, and to enjoy unlimited access to the portfolio of the operator, punters should download the app designed for devices running on iOS or Android or just switch to the mobile variant straight from their browser. If you have previously used the services, you should not have any issues placing your wager at Ladbrokes. The bookmaker is also praised for offering the so-called Pick Your Own Odds feature that enables punters to get the best odds by picking the margin the horse will win by. In addition, Australia-based users of Ladbrokes are more than welcome to take advantage of the Favourite vs Field feature. The latter enables punters to back the entire field against the favorite in a majority of races.

Punters might also appreciate the simplicity of the website as well as the great variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Ladbrokes is famous for offering fast and secure payouts, and some of the banking solutions that are featured at the betting platform include POLi, Mastercard, Visa, Bpay, Flexepin, PayID, and PayPal, among others.

  • Pros

  • A well-known bookmaker with a seal of approval from the Northern Territory Racing Commission
  • Offers a slew of unique betting features
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Accessible on the go through dedicated apps for iOS and Android
  • The platform is secured through a 2048-bit encryption system
  • Cons

  • Punters need to register for an account in order to access the guides
  • Using the live chat is possible only after registration


Bet365 bet365 is a prominent bookmaker available on the Australian gambling market and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. Apart from casino games, poker and bingo, bet365 also offers sports betting options, as well as a racebook. However, the legislative matters on the Australian gambling market do not allow residents to take advantage of poker, bingo, as well as in-play services that are provided by the bookmaker.

As far as the variety of betting markets is concerned, bet365 is not likely to disappoint you. The bookie covers a great number of football markets as well as all sports popular in Australia, including Aussie rules, cricket, basketball, and golf, to name a few. The choice of sports and markets punters are given is just as wide when punters switch to betting on the move either through the dedicated or browser-based apps.

What makes bet365 stand out from the rest is the racebook it offers. Punters are delighted by the great variety of local and international horse racing events to wager on.

Punters might be happy to hear that bet365 does not underperform when payments are concerned, and fortunately for them, they can set up their accounts in AUD. In fact, bet365’s cashier deserves plus points because of the large number of Australia-friendly banking solutions it contains, including POLi, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, bank wire, and Flexepin, among others.

  • Pros

  • Offers dedicated apps for betting on the go
  • Accepts payments in the local currency
  • Payments to and from bet365 are fee-free
  • Offers odds for a number of sports that are popular in Australia
  • Offers live streaming
  • Cons

  • Wrapping your head around the betting platform might be challenging
  • Punters might face issues while trying to access the Australian variant of the sportsbook


Betstar Established in 2007, Betstar is a sportsbook with addresses in Darwin and Melbourne. It has the approval of the Northern Territory Racing Commission and keeps all data its customers are required to share through an 2048-bit encryption technology.

The sports and market coverage is where Betstar excels in as fan-favorite and niche sports are all well accounted for. Naturally, Aussie rules are among the available options, along with sports, the likes of cycling, boxing, darts, Gaelic sports, handball, rugby, soccer, and volleyball. The market coverage is also up to scratch, which promises that punters will have a whale of time once they join the community of Betstar.

As is the case with many other Australia-oriented sports betting sites, Betstar also facilitates in-game betting, but in order for its customers to benefit from this option, they will need to give the representatives of the sportsbook a call.

  • Pros

  • Available on mobile
  • Provides coverage for some of the most popular sports in Australia
  • Offers high payout limits
  • Offers quick bets
  • Offers multiple reliable payment processors
  • Cons

  • Support is available only via email and over the phone
  • Does not offer live streams

Bet Right

Bet Right Australians have a number of premium-quality sportsbooks to decide between, and Bet Right is easily on the list of the top options. It is easy to see why the bookie is so well-preferred by punters from the country as it keeps them covered if they are fond of betting on soccer, Aussie rules, baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey, esports, handball, or tennis, among others.

There is also a considerable range of betting markets for gambling enthusiasts to select from, which coupled with the cash-out feature and the same game multi promise to make their betting session more enjoyable.

The operator is dedicated not to remaining behind times, and because of this has introduced downloadable apps for tablets and smartphones running on Android and iOS. To access the bookmaker in next to no time, punters can also use the fully-functional browser-based app.

Bet Right allows its users to handle their payments through several established processors, including Visa, Mastercard, PayID, and bank transfer. If users of the sportsbook come up against any obstacles while using the platform on their computer or handheld device, all they need to do is forward their queries via email, over the phone, or using the live chat, and the support staff will help them along right away.

  • Pros

  • Offers all main contact venues for punters to address their queries
  • Offers bet building
  • Offers downloadable apps for tablets and smartphones
  • Abides by the South Australian Code of Practices
  • Offers various bonus incentives
  • Cons

  • Limited range of payment methods
  • The website of the bookie is a bit outdated


BlueBet BlueBet is an approved provider of sports betting services which caters to the Australian market since 2015. The popularity of the bookie took off in next to no time, and there is a good reason why. To operate on the Australian market, the bookie has applied for a license from the Northern Territory Racing Commission, which renders it safe and reliable.

The sportsbook is heavily oriented towards the needs and preferences of fans of horse, greyhound, and harness races, as they are all well accounted for. BlueBet is not at the least all about betting on horse and greyhound races, and its users will see prices for Aussie rules, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, volleyball, and motorsports, among others.

Live streaming was also added to the list of the features the sportsbook offers. Live betting is also on the line-up of options, and in order for members of the sportsbook to seize this opportunity, they need to call BlueBet’s representatives.

Seeing as punters are out and about almost all of their time, it makes sense that BlueBet is fully prepared to meet the demands of mobile users with the downloadable apps for Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones the operator has presented.

  • Pros

  • Offers live streams
  • The help desk operates around the clock
  • Available for betting on the go
  • Offers established payment methods
  • Extensive event and sports coverage
  • Cons

  • There is no live chat
  • Limited range of deposit and withdrawal methods


CrossBet CrossBet is yet another sportsbook, which has started to become increasingly popular among Australian punters. Its comprehensive list of sports will hold the attention of gambling enthusiasts, and the betting options they are normally highly interested in include American football, Aussie rules, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, and golf, among others. The operator has taken notice of the preferences of fans of horse races, and lines are offered not only for international races, but for such events that take place in New Zealand and Australia as well.

In spite of the fact that the means of payment punters are given a choice from are all established, we cannot help but say that they are not as varied as with other Australia-facing bookies.

Mobile-friendliness is among the weighty features of sportsbooks these days, and CrossBet is well aware of this. The downloadable and in-browser apps perform flawlessly, thus promising that gambling enthusiasts will have a whale of a time even when they are on the move.

If punters have gone out of their depth while betting at CrossBet, they can get in touch with the support agents that are fully prepared to help along. To get assistance, gambling enthusiasts need to use the live chat, give them a call, or write them an email.

  • Pros

  • A vast range of sports and markets
  • Available for betting on the go
  • A slew of bonus deals
  • Assistance is offered via email, over the phone, and through a live chat functionality
  • Offers live betting
  • Cons

  • To view the available bonuses, punters need to register for an account
  • A limited range of banking solutions
  • No live betting


Unibet Unibet is an international betting platform, which is dedicated to offering an industry-leading sports and race betting experience to punters from a number of territories, Australia included. The wide selection of betting options is undoubtedly one of the strong suits of the bookie, and the live events punters can watch and wager on per year alone exceed 30,000.

The roster of sports is indeed something to write home about as members of the bookie are offered lines for Aussie rules, cricket, boxing, darts, cycling, soccer, rugby, and motorsports, among others. The sportsbook is feature-heavy, and its members can opt for multiple options, including live betting and cash-out feature. Additionally, there are statistics and live score sections that will further facilitate the bet placement.

Mobile betting is not out of reach for members of Unibet, and accessing the betting action the sportsbook offers only requires powering it up straight in your browser or downloading one of the dedicated apps.

Unibet is undoubtedly a trustworthy sports betting platform as the operator is licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government.

  • Pros

  • Offers live betting
  • A trustable and licensed operator
  • Offers live streams
  • Offers limited-time and regular promotions
  • Available for mobile betting
  • Cons

  • The deposit and withdrawal methods are a bit limited
  • Cashouts might remain pending for more than two days


GoldBet GoldBet is an Australia-friendly sportsbook, which has more than two decades of experience under its belt. It maintains high security levels, and to accommodate gambling enthusiasts from the country, the operator has obtained a stamp of approval from the GRNSW.

Judging by the sports and event coverage, the operator is undoubtedly dedicated to offering a top-of-the-line experience to its users. In view of this, the operator offers odds for all sports that garner much attention from Aussie punters, including rugby, esports, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, football, and horse racing. The featured markets are also as good as punters might expect, and most importantly, they are not thin on the ground.

Punters’ betting session is unlikely to be lacking excitement as there is a variety of bonus deals to keep them engaged. Naturally, these bonus deals can be claimed exclusively by existing customers of the sportsbook, and to get more information about their terms, they will need to log into their accounts.

GoldBet is a modern-oriented bookie, and as such, it meets the wants of mobile users and provides them with all features, sports, and markets even when they are out and about.

  • Pros

  • Offers support via live chat, email, and phone
  • Offers a slew of sports-related bonuses
  • The sports coverage is on par
  • Offers mobile betting
  • A licensed and reputable operator
  • Cons

  • Not many accepted payment methods
  • No live streaming
  • No live betting


Palmerbet Palmerbet is an Australian-owned and operated bookie, which ranks exceptionally high on the list of the betting sites Aussie punters prefer to use. The operator has the needed accreditation in order to accept punters from the country as Palmerbet has seals of approval from the OLGR and the Racing NSW.

The bookie is known for the huge range of betting markets it offers, and along with a number of domestic sports and competitions, the operator has also taken notice of international leagues as well. Bets are accepted on a slew of fan-favorite sports, including ice hockey handball, American football, cycling, tennis, cricket, Aussie rules, and golf. Boosted odds are offered for the lion’s share of these sports, which might make punters enjoy their stay all the more.

While using Palmerbet, punters will be allowed to go for the cash-out feature and live betting. Unfortunately for punters, they cannot benefit from live streams.

Payments to Palmebet are certain to be hassle-free and most importantly, will not take time at all as gambling enthusiasts can handle their deposits and withdrawals through POLi, PayPal, their credit card, BPay, or go for a direct bank transfer, among others.

  • Pros

  • Offers dedicated apps for betting on the go
  • Covers many domestic and international leagues
  • Licensed to operate on the Australian market
  • Offers different betting features
  • Offers boosted odds
  • Cons

  • Very few deposit and cashout methods
  • Does not offer live streams
  • No live chat support
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