Monaco only want this From Liverpool to Accept Transfer of Lemar – {Le10Sport}

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool seem serious about hiring the services of French international and Monaco star Thomas Lemar before the deadline ends tonight.
The 21-year-old winger was fantastic for the Ligue 1 champions in the last campaign but it must be remembered that the team have already lost stars like Mendy, Bakayoko and Silva.
According to an exclusive report covered by Le10Sport, Liverpool offered 72 million euros plus Divock Origi on loan to the French side, however they are not interested in signing the Belgian international.
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The French source have mentioned that Monaco only want cash to accept the transfer of Lemar, so, Liverpool would have to come up with a massive financial proposal.
Monaco would be aware of the fact that Coutinho’s future is up in the air and if he is sold to Barca, Liverpool would surely get huge funds.
Le10Sport have not mentioned any figure that the Reds should pay to reach an agreement but it might be 100 million euros as per Sky’s Kaveh Solhekol. We shall see how the transfer saga will unfold today.

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  1. Robert says:

    Should not have wasted so much on the Ox.

  2. ANDRE says:

    Putting Origi in there does not help anything, Origi is a mediocre player that will never ever be any better than he is now.

  3. Ashley says:

    I really hope that the OX turns out to be a great buy and I’m proven wrong as I’m not a fan of this guy and not sure
    How he improves our side as I’m hearing he wanted Liverpool because he wants to play the CM role where as Chelsea would play him as a wing back ???
    So let me get this right as been a busy few days for our club?? So the OX is signed and we are still chasing VVD
    And the papers feel Southampton just can’t knock back the money involved ? Then there is Lemar who plays LW and am I right its only on the left he Plays as I thought Klopp wanted another winger who could play Both Sides ?
    Then I thought we were favourites to take Julian Draxler ? And finally Sanches from Bayern which again I thought was almost completed and now I’m hearing he’s Very Close to Signing for SWANSEA !!! Why would he do that or is he being really Badly advised as I thought to go with Klopp would be perfect for the player and Liverpool as Klopp would help him get his confidence back and playing the kind of football he’s known for and become World-class but only reason I can think why he could.join Swansea is he would join them as their Best player right away and maybe he feels being their best player may give him the confidence he needs but that’s it !! He won’t improve as a
    Player and certainly won’t get the coaching he requires as at Liverpool he would be playing with players who are both at the same level and some that would be better them him which should spur him on also and finally surly when your a player of Sanches ability you want to play at the highest Level available which means playing in the Champions League and the last time I Looked Swansea wasn’t in it or in the Europa Cup !!!!
    Make the right choice Sanches and join Liverpòol it would be a decision you wouldn’t Regret…..YNWA

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