Arsenal have Moved in to Finally Agree $18million-a-year Deal

The Gunners have been trying to agree a new deal with record signing Mesut Ozil for a long time now but have failed so far.
According to recent reports (Daily Mirror), Arsenal have moved in with an offer to finally agree a huge deal with the German international that will make him earn £280,000-a-week, ($340,000-a-week, $18million-a-year).
The former Real Madrid attacking midfielder was the best player for the North Londoners last season and has been in top form this season as well.
In 30 appearances (all competitions), the 28-year-old star has directly contributed in 17 goals (9 goals and 8 assists) in the current campaign. He is arguably one of the best players in the No. 10 role and Arsenal must hold on to him.
However, results have been poor for the Gunners lately and it will not be shocking if Ozil leaves the club in the summer transfer window. A lot of fans want Arsene Wenger out of the club but his presence might be important in keeping Ozil at the Emirates.
As per the provided Mirror link, even after the mammoth sum offered by Arsenal, Mesut is waiting, knowing that he can earn more elsewhere.
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  1. Avatar Bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca:- I think its about time that Mr Wenger himself should resign. After 21 years of sterling service
    he should be appointed as adviser to the Board but will have nothing to do with team.
    A new manager should be appointed, his first thing he has to do is to assess all the players even those
    on loan and rebuild the team. It useless having a top academy and at the end of the day you will find
    that few if any have a chance to make the first team, because the up and coming players can’t fit in Mr
    Wenger’s 21 year old system which is based on passing the ball from player to another more backwards
    then forward. In fact there are times when they slow the game they look sluggish, apart when they attack
    they find the opposing putting in at least 9 players in defence which makes it more difficult to score and catch
    the defence on the wrong foot which has been one of the main causes of loosing a game at the last minute..
    Another problem Mr Wenger has the habit of playing players out of position. One spends millions on a
    player to fill in a weakness in the team not to experiment with him. Arsenal have some very good players,
    but I am afraid their handling leaves much to be desired.
    I hope at least the players will reconcile and justify themselves that what happened will be sorted out.

  2. Avatar Mark Oliver Rokazema Banney says:

    Mr Wenger can now leave our team and find something else to do or go and managed in another league if he still want to, but right now football is not just about being a profile coach but of winning trophies. Wenger is now the longest serving coach in the league now but no improvement in the team and find it very difficult to even come up against the league big boys in (Chelsea, Liverpool, and both Manchester’s Clubs) this is my thirteen years I became an Arsenal fan and they had never won EPL before what a disgrace is it? It time for a change at this great club Wenger out enough is enough

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