This Liverpool Player Should be Thrown Out of the Starting XI

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool have only won one game since the turn of the year and are now 13 points behind league leaders Chelsea.
Not only are they out of the title race, they are also out of the top four and it will not come as any surprise if the Reds fail to qualify for the Champions League yet again.
Jurgen Klopp’s men were absolutely brilliant in the first half of the season but the situation has been completely different in the second half.
The German manager cannot reinforce his squad now that the transfer window is no longer open. However, he needs to make big changes in his first team if Liverpool are to bounce back.
First and foremost, the former Borussia Dortmund boss must kick his compatriot Emre Can out of the starting XI. The former Bayern Munich midfielder has been good for nothing, especially since the turn of the year.
Can scored 3 goals and provided 1 assist in the first half of the season. In 2017, he has done nothing productive in the attacking third (zero goals/assists). Moreover, when used as a DM, he has failed to provide solid cover in front of the back four.
In addition, his future is not clear. Can rates himself very highly and he recently rejected a new deal as well (This is Anfield via James Pearce).
From now on, Klopp must utilize Wijnaldum, Lallana and Henderson in the midfield. Can needs to step up big time or else he must be sold in the summer transfer window.
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  1. kunlexy says:

    Honestly, LFC has suffered influx of a lot of rubbish players and manager over the years. From Skirtel to Jay Spearing, Lucas to Lovren, Can to Shelvey, Allen to Brendan Rodgers, the list is endless. Mediocre players , who should really be plying trade at relegation level teams are now holding sway at Liverpool and the five time European and 3 times UEFA cup champions now look like Swansea and Hull city. I still maintain that Klopp is overrated as he finds it difficult reading game and making appropriate substitution when things don’t go as planned. His inability to know that Can, Lovren and Lucas are supposed to be in Sunderland FC is mind boggling, having already spent 7 months before the 2016 summer window. Yet, the whole January window was wasted without adding a DM or selling off the dead woods. For a coach who has virtually lost out in virtually all the finals of cups he’s played in, he’s certainly overrated..

  2. Adonnay says:

    ‘Flexibility’ is the key to a successfull enterprise and it is unfortunately the one thing that is completely missing in Liverpool fc set up. When you have a coach like Klopp who is alergic or unaware of the essence and effectiveness of ‘flexibility’ it is wise to prepare for all kinds of pains associated with failure. Klopp is so rigid that he cannot see that what has been working for him in the past has stoped working and it is time for plan ‘B’. Why do you press so high when your midfield cannoy hold? Why bame the defence when the midfield is not disciplined? Let the coach learn how to bend without breaking and things will be alright. Emry Can is not the problem. It is about the the set up. Replace Milner with Joe Gomez and draft Milner to the holding midfield role. Believe it or not, a ‘rock solid’ midfield is as good as a’rock solib’ defence. No defence will be good when the midfield is so indisciplined like what we are having at lfc.

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