Liverpool Were Ready to Sign Star Who Earns €173,000-a-week – Deal was Close

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool needed to reinforce their attack in the absence of Sadio Mane and the latest reports suggest that they did try to sign a quality playmaker last month.
According to Mirror, the Reds were close to signing German international Julian Draxler, but he left Wolfsburg to join Paris Saint-Germain instead.
Since completing his move, the versatile 23-year-old star has started three games for the reigning Ligue 1 champions, scored two goals and provided one assist.
As far as the wages are concerned, after he signed, Goal mentioned that he will be earning €9m, which is obviously his annual income ( €173,000-a-week). A weekly or monthly income of €9m would have made him earn even more than Ronaldo (Star). Moreover, if this was his income for the entire contract i.e. until 2021, then he would have earned even less than PSG reject Jese Rodriguez (via ESPN).
Coutinho recently signed a new contract with Liverpool which is worth €9million-a-year (via Telegraph). In all fairness, it was almost impossible for the Reds to pay Draxler the same.
The former Schalke attacker is a proven quality star who would have adequately strengthened Liverpool’s attacking midfield. However, manager Jurgen Klopp himself opted to drop interest.
As per the provided Mirror link, Klopp was seriously looking to hire the services of the World Cup winning star but pulled the plug when the player tried tried to use PSG’s interest to earn higher wages. Well, he definitely got the deal that he was looking for.
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  1. RED PHIL says:

    Will hearing about a ‘near deal’ help keep us above rampant City, with us currently playing barely average and struggling at both ends of the pitch whilst being not that brilliant in the middle third as well? No, thought not!

  2. RED PHIL says:

    Also noticed, in some web-sites, we might be keeping Sakho and Markovic in our first-team squad next year!!!!! With United set to get Griezmann for an agreed £85m I cannot see how LFC stuffing its squad with known failures – and that is before we accept Lucas will still be here after being average, at best, for ten years – is going to push us higher in the league? Filling the team with players playing out of position (Milner and Henderson), poor defenders (Lovren), young kids and known failures is going to win us precisely NOTHING!
    Can you imagine the carnage next year, with Lucas and Sakho playing CB, Moreno playing LB, with Henderson playing his own strange brand of DM, the strikers looking out of sorts – yet again – and with the keeper looking dodgy, LFC losing and we decide to bring Markovic on for Lallana or Coutinho? How the opposition will tremble . . .
    Have a bad season at Chelsea or City and you are OUT! Have six or seven poor seasons at LFC and you are still in the squad. I think the money people and owners have a different ambition for this club when compared to the ambition of the fans.

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