Liverpool Can Immediately Seal $41m Star Signing for Just $26m

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool sold Mario Balotelli and Christian Benteke last summer. Moreover, at the moment, the likes of Danny Ings and Daniel Sturridge are out injured leaving Divock Origi as the only fit first team center forward.
In such a scenario, the Reds need to sign a striker and former Man United star Javier Hernandez has been in the limelight.
Last month, we covered a report (via Mirror) claiming that the Merseysiders are looking to sign Chicharito who has a release clause of 33.5million pounds in his contract ($41million).
Now, as per the latest reports going on in the media, the Reds have a chance of signing the Mexican striker for a cut price.
According to German source SportBild, the 28-year-old striker is not a first team player anymore and will be sold immediately if a club is willing to offer a fee of 25 million euros ($26million).
Hernandez is a top goalscorer and more importantly he has proven his quality in the Premier League. Last season, he was in brilliant form for Bayer Leverkusen. In 43 appearances, he scored 26 goals and also provided 6 assists.
However, this time around, he has only scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists in 23 games for the Bundesliga side.
In your opinion, should Liverpool splash $26m to sign Javier Hernandez?
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  1. jay says:

    LFC dont need striker they need midfielder and at least two wingers
    then lfc can win the league

    • jonathan david says:

      I said that at the time he left Man U they should sign him. But I agree that we do not need a striker now.

  2. Stephen says:

    I do not know why all this fuss on Hernandez he is an average good player when he scores and a very bad one when he does not. We do not need such players we need hard working players who are all rounders such as Quincy Prommes. All other names do not impress me that much to be honest. I do not wish that we get stars with a high wage but stars in the sense that they work very hard and technically talented typical Mane and Quincy Prommes!!! They are mentioning Jeze, well I have seen the video and although he has technique I have my doubts as to work rate and whether he fits Liverpool style. I know that Mane and Quincy players are difficult to come buy but I would rather wait than get average players.

  3. Abanco says:

    Fully agreed with you Stephen. hope to see Quincy in LFC.

  4. timmer says:

    Get Quincy and Franck Kessié.

  5. stuart says:

    Surely with the players we’ve sold and funds available we could buy three or four players!!!
    In that case I would buy Quincy Promes….javier hernandez
    ….plus one other !!!! With the back issue I would swap Sakho for fonte which is on the cards !!!

  6. George Jeremiah makokha says:

    yea Hernandez chicharito is a quality player.if really klopp is serious to push for the title he has to listen for the opinions of Liverpool fans and well wishers. bring in Chicharito and Gabriel Barbosa of inter Milan.the Brazilian playermaker can give Liverpool what they have been looking for last 26 years ago.

  7. linley says:

    Liverpool need to sign
    Quincy P
    A.Rabiot (PSG)
    Andre Silva (PORTO)
    We can win premier League.

  8. Diogo Gomes says:

    More attackers…
    Liverpool needs a center back, a left back, a center miedfielder and a gk… NOW, I’m not sayiny another quality striker isn’t needed of course it is… But this is the problem with the transfer department lack of priorization… Hold on on the Striker and GK until the summer and hire the ither 3 needed positions…
    Center back – Ginenez, Daniele rugani, Jose Fonte or Van Djik
    Left back – Yuto nagatomo , jonas hector, friend (Middlesbrough), marvin “cant write his last name (hertha berlin)
    Center miedfielder – Adrien Silva, Hector Herrera, Saul Ninguez, Rabiot (PSG)

  9. liverpool should go for him and klopp at the helm he will tuen him into an excellent striker.

  10. John Smith says:

    We have Firmino and Origi. Don’t forget Sturridge is only 2nd or 3rd choice due to his injury problems. we have plenty of players who could cover Mane. You could move LaLanna out there or Milner and play Moreno at left back. Then we have loads of youth who need a chance. Don’t get me wrong at the price Hernandez is good and I suppose if we got him now it would strengthen our squad for the champions league next year. I’ve just convinced myself! Double t we will get him though.

    • AFC1985 says:

      I agree with everything you said. But Moreno has to go he can’t defend for shit. Milner is a better defender than Moreno and Milner is playing out of position and having a cracking season so far.

  11. stuart says:

    Stop talking and talking and sign the player ? he could sort it all out within the week!!! (klopp)

  12. AFC1985 says:

    We do need a striker in this moment in time. Hernandez isn’t the striker we need there are far better strikers out there like Jermaine Defoe. We definetly do not need midfielder. We need defenders and good old fashioned hard tackling defenders who will put their bodies on the line for the cause.

  13. timmer says:

    Today game , playing against a lower league team Plymouth at home.
    Without Mane , the old liverpool team is back ( lack of scoring idea ).
    No doubt the kids play well, but isnt good enought to win.
    We need to sign Quincy badly to partner with Firmino and Mane for the title chase.
    Frank kassie to shore up our DM position.
    This year has a better chance for the Title hence do not waste it.

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