Klopp Clear to Get $18.5million Star Signing Done for Liverpool

Liverpool sold Martin Skrtel and sidelined Mamadou Sakho last summer. Jurgen Klopp then lured two new central defenders in the form of Joel Matip and Ragnar Klavan from the German Bundesliga.
Matip has been in top form for the Merseysiders since completing his move from Schalke. Lately, he has been injured and in his absence, Klavan has stepped up big time as well.
In such a scenario, the Reds really do not need to sign another central defender but they are linked with Southampton star Jose Fonte.
If the latest reports are anything to go by then Liverpool are clear to sign the 33-year-old defender who was an integral member of the Portuguese squad that won the European Championships in France last year.
The Saints star has featured in 19 games for the club this season and has confirmed that he wants to leave St. Mary’s. Manchester United were interested in signing him but now reports suggest that the Red Devils are not considering a move for the veteran center half and Liverpool could secure his signature (Express via MEN).
Last month, it was reported (The Sun) that Southampton have slapped a price tag of 15 million pounds (18.5million) on Fonte. Liverpool will probably have to match that fee to hire his services.
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  1. IAN says:

    I have been well aware of Liverpool’s interest in Fonte as have several other teams. I was not aware, however, that he was 33 years old. Ok, he is a top class defender who is already very experienced with the EPL. However, he is 33 years old and they are talking about 15 million. They just signed Klavan, ok, albeit 34 years old, but he was free. Liverpool need to forget Fonte for that money and look at either the Bundesliga again, or another suitably physical league.

  2. Valentino says:

    33 is just a number hence we should not focus much on his age.
    If he is physically strong and can be in a position to contribute for the club just like Klavan

    • IAN says:

      In certain circumstances, I might be inclined to agree. However, as like in Klavan’s case, the club were not asking for 15 million. Klavan was available as a free agent. Asking that much for a player that is almost the same age, I believe, is excessive.

  3. Edson muchinga says:

    Klopp should normalise relationship with sakho if he dreams of winning the epl

  4. Yus says:

    I think klopp have to sign ball winner at central department. Who could read the game very well.

  5. RED PHIL says:

    Spending more than £12m on somebody already 33 is too ludicrous for words and especially when Soton are deciding not to offer him a new contract. They see him in training, we don’t. Another year and he’ll barely be able to climb a flight of stairs, let alone chase around a football field for ninety minutes with kids nearly half his age.
    Or is he going to be the first player EVER to be able to ignore the ravages of time? I’ve never known a player, of that age, be as good as he was when he was at 25 so let’s just accept that he is now on the wrong side of 30, he IS deteriorating – albeit slowly – and he is NOT going to get better or even be able to play at his current standard in a mere 18 months when he’s 35 . . . an absolute geriatric in footballing terms.
    More than £13m for eighteen months work, maximum, before footballing senility sets in? Don’t make me laugh.
    Must be a reason why Soton aren’t planning to offer him a new contract and the likelihood is that they see him as somebody now over the hill who needs replacing. If he’s not now good enough for them can he be good enough for us? £3m or £4m, okay, but not serious money, surely?

  6. Kamal says:

    Klopp has much more brains than we give him credit for. ..wld never spend that on 33 yr old.
    Nd by the way, all this constant crap abt our goalkeepers. ..we actually have 2 very good keepers…stop making out that they are bad in order to bring in Hart. ..our keepers will become great under Klopp !!!!

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