Confirmed – Liverpool XI Formation vs Wolves

After back to back home defeats against Swansea and Southampton, Liverpool will be looking to bounce back with a win over Wolves at Anfield today.
As far as the team news is concerned, manager Jurgen Klopp has selected a strong team to feature in the fourth round of the FA Cup.
Nathaniel Clyne is still not in the squad and in his absence, Randall has got the chance to start in the right back position ahead of Trent Alexander-Arnold.
After signing his new contract with the club, Joe Gomez will start in the central defense with Ragnar Klavan today. Spanish defender Alberto Moreno starts in place of Milner in the left back position.
In the midfield, the likes of Lucas, Ejaria and Wijnaldum start.
As far as the attack is concerned, Origi and Woodburn return to start with Brazilian attacker Roberto Firmino. Here is Liverpool’s confirmed XI formation vs Wolves.

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  1. IAN says:

    Another game. Same old same old, more of the same. 53 seconds in and Liverpool concede. Slight suspicion of offside but the defense did not do its job and Karius on this occasion made the wrong decision instead of commanding his area. 39 minutes gone now and to be honest, Liverpool have not really done an awful lot to show they want to score. There is entirely too much sideways, backwards play. Liverpool have just been cut open and conceded a second poor. This is beyond pathetic and poor. Shocking, shocking, shocking!!!

  2. IAN says:

    After that disgraceful, pathetic attempt at a first half performance, Liverpool have a long way to come back and after the first 45 minutes, I am really not sure Liverpool has it in them. To be honest, I have not seen anyone stepping up to lead the way. Liverpool have produced nothing from their set pieces and yet Wolves look like scoring more with theirs. I am sorry to say and I am sure some people on here with slate me for it but I am not watching the second half. I cannot after watching the first half. Oh, and just a little side-bar after it showed a picture of Sturridge on the bench. If you are in uniform and chosen as a potential substitute, shouldn’t he be dressed and ready to go? I should think that someone with his experience should know that ‘nose-pins’ are not part of a player’s uniform. How in the world does he think that it is acceptable and the way to be especially with so many younger players around him?

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