Liverpool Clearly Positioned to Sign "Exceptional" Star For Weeks – Should Beat Rivals

BPLLiverpool and Chelsea need heavy reinforcements in the summer transfer window if they are to have any chance of challenging for the title next season.
The reigning champions have been horrific this season and currently find themselves in 10th place with 44 points in 33 games. The Reds are 10 points ahead of the Blues in 7th place.
As far as the latest transfer news is concerned, Liverpool are clearly positioned to sign Hatem Ben Arfa for weeks and now a new name is in the limelight in the form of PL rivals Chelsea (L’Equipe).

The versatile attacker is a proven Premier League star and currently one of the best playmakers in the Ligue 1. So far, he has scored 17 goals and provided 4 assists in 33 games this season.
Ben Arfa’s compatriot and Liverpool star Sakho believes that Hatem is an “exceptional” talent (Goal). As per the provided L’Equipe link, The 29-year-old star is free to engage with any club in the summer.
Liverpool must act swiftly to secure his signature and should be considered favorites to beat Chelsea who will not be playing in any European competition next season.
Moreover, the Blues already have an over-crowded attacking midfield with players like Oscar, Hazard, Willian, Pedro and Kenedy etc. In such a scenario, Ben Arfa should chose Liverpool if he intends to get regular game time.

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  1. RED PHIL says:

    Sorry, when I hear that my beloved LFC are supposedly interested in signing Hatem Ben Arfur, a Bournemouth striker and West Ham full-back, whilst also considering giving Old Father Time Kolo Toure yet another contract, I want to weep.
    Kolo Toure has been a stop-gap for a couple of years but if he is the best we can do then heaven help us. Hatem Ben Arfur wasn’t exactly the best player Newcastle had so unless he has improved dramatically, astonishingly, he shouldn’t even be considered for Liverpool.
    When we want to dominate the footballing world most people would suggest we spend money in place like Munich, Madrid or Barcelona and NOT in places like Bournemouth on players who did quite well getting the Cherries into the top league but who, through injury, has only played a few games this year.
    If we are serious about making progress we need to be after players like Lewandowski, Hummels and Reus and not scampering around in the footballing equivalent of the Poundshop.
    Timo Horn, the Cologne keeper, Hector, the Cologne and Germany full-back, Hummels, Reus, a decent defensive midfield organiser and a prolific striker are better bets than Newcastle cast-offs who can only cut it in the lousy French league.
    We need to spend, and spend big, but the one thing we don’t need is to spend what money we’ve got on players barely as good, if at all, as the ones we’ve already got.
    And we’ve also got to forget loyalty to players who are simply not good enough (Toure, Lucas, Sakho, etc.) and get rid of them for the benefit of the club as a whole.
    Please, let us not get carried away and imply that Sakho is now God’s gift to football. He may be doing better than before but he still looks like a mistake about to happen every time the ball goes near him. Would you rather have him . . . or Hummels? I rest my case.

  2. lanz says:

    Sakho is 23, Hummel is 27, i prefer Sakho,
    moreover Toure and Lucas are exp backups not
    expected to play all games.

  3. marc stowell says:

    I agree with Phill red, Sako cant dribble only side foots the ball and flaps every time a player runs at him, i cant count the times when he has been responsible for us losing the game. Remember the famous side pass to Gerard when he could of easily played the ball up the pitch, he has never been good enough for LFC and while where at it IMO we should get rid of allen, lucas, skirtel, henderson, toure and upgrade the keeper as these players have had their day. Klopp is a great manager but no miracle worker, you can only do so much with the players you have at hand which i think he has but we desperately need to bring in some new players preferably not one season wonders.

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