20:30 Guido Pella – Samuel Groth

Guido Pella is pure clay-court player and has big problems when it comes to hard court. Currently, 104 of the world tennis player and the last match was played a month ago when it was Ymer out in the third qualifying round of Wimbledon with 3: 1. Tomorrow it is expected even harder and better opponent than it was a Swede. Sam Groth is currently the 64th tennis player the world and owner of the most devastating service on the ATP Tour. He played a good Wimbledon, Federer expel him whom he managed to pull off one set. Two days ago, on a hard surface within the Davis Cup won Kukushikina with 3: 1 and if we compare Kukushkin and Pell, I think Khazakstan still at least two steps above, even if Groth could get Kazakstanca why could not and Pella. Hard surface here will be great odds.

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