18:00 FK Spartaks Jurmala – Vojvodina

Vojvodina has many injured players and players who caught the virus
,, Vojvodina will have a big problem, since many players have problems with the stomach virus, but also injuries. The attacker Miljan Mrdaković due to injury is not likely to travel to Latvia.
– We literally just before departure to know who will be on the way – said Zagorčić and added that because of this list expanded to 22 players who will compete for the match, while the plane be no place for them 19 ,,
and have a 3-0 percent from the first game and if they lose by 1 or 2 differences go away and probably will want to hide and trumps before the next match against Sampdoria.
and Weekly defeat against Cukaricki 4-0 can affect their mood and although the first match Vojvodina has shown that it is much better team will hardly be able to win this match, only if Latvians really do not care that at least an honorable farewell to the competition

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