19:00 Kuban Krasnodar – Ufa

After 2 rounds, teams Kubana UFE and have won only one point, and if it is only the beginning of the Premier League, both teams enter this match because all three points, although Kuban is a lot here already the favorite of UFE but they did not stand a chance In this meču.Moj type is therefore 2 or more goals in a match.

Cuba was disappointed in the first two kola.Imaju won only one point, but they are not weary in their stadium where they regularly provide the party last year, where teams like CSKA Moskwa remained without points, or like Zenit, which had to meet only one bodom.No this time Kuban at the very start of the championship titles opened in their stadium, and it porazom.Sem far greater possession of the ball on their side of the Kuban had nothing to do in this game Ural came ahead after 73 minutes through Manucharyan that in the nadonkadi match referee pointed to the white point, the benefit of guests, and the penalty realized Acevado, so the final score was 0: 2. In the second round they went away against Terek Grozny, they managed to pull one point on that game, but realistically Terek has earned all three points in this meču.Samo data that Terek had 14 shots on goal in that match, and only 4 Kuban, and Terek has 9 versus 1 wide shot izan say who was better in this meču.No not view the chances but goals, and there were equal and if the Kuban in this match played in the 67 minutes without Rabiu his second kartona.Znači tonight he will not be able to help his team, and in addition have a and major problems in odbrani.Pored Rabiu who last midfield, Spartak can not count on Kaborea who plays the same position, as well as Arshavin and defender Xandaoa.
COMPOSITION: Belenov, Manolev, Armas, Sunjic, Melgarejo, Kulik, Tlisov, Ignatyev, Bucur, Tkachev, Balde
Kuban after the start of the Premier League played two preparatory match, first losing to Dinamo Zagreb 1: 0, while the second drew 2: 2 with Slovenian Maribor.

And UFA from the first two rounds has won 1 point, but they can be satisfied because they had a lot more difficult schedule at the startu.Oni are already in the first round played against Spartak Moscow, Spartak was of course a big favorite in this match, but UFA managed to pull a draw from this match, after 4 goals seen in this meču.UFA took the lead in this match 17 minutes over Handzic, to only 10 minutes later Tasci even the score at 1: 1, but if we did not see a single goal to the end of the half we saw the red card, and the guests got it Frimpong.I when there seemed to be no problem Spartak celebrate in this match, because they have more players and really far better team UFA and with one less player scored a goal , through Stoskog 67 minutu.Spartak had to settle for a draw in this match, POTS Ze Luis 10 minutes before the match to level the karaja rezultat.Spartak is absolutely dominating this match, had more than 70% of the balls in its possession in the second half, even 20 shots on goal UFE but all this is not enough for either pobedu.U UFA second round was played on his Staadioni and against the team of Rostov, and if the first half ended goalless below details we saw even 3. At the start of the second half came to Rostov advantage over Yoo and to UFA in the 78th minute leveled the score at 1: 1 goal Zinchenko, and when it seemed that this would be the final result, silenced the home fans Bastos all 3 minutes to the end of the regular meča.Što the absence concerns with UFE, there is of course Frimpong even today due to the aforementioned red card against Spartak, and next to it Kolyvanov this can not count on Marcinha and Safrondia.
COMPOSITION: Yurchenko, Sukhov, Tumasyan, Verkhovtsov, Nikitin, Fomin, Zaseev, Paurević, Igboun, Stotsky, Handzic,
UFA is doigrali 3rd friendly match before the start of the championship, with prortiv Karsluhea (2: 2), followed by the defeat of the Munich 1860 (1: 2) and a draw with Slavia Prague goalless.

Kuban and UFA were last season, met 2 times in the first match at their stadium Kuban was better with 2: 0, while UFA this year celebrated with 3: 2 against Kubana.Sve Overall we expect a great match, Kuban has problems to the last line, and neither do UFA's najačoj set, both teams have won by 1 point, and I believe that from the start, a chance to see that they can reach all 3 points

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