22:00 Brazil – Mexico

Friendly match as a final check for both rivals ahead of the Copa America which will take part. Brazilians naturally want to win this competition and that is why they and this check is very important to continue the winning streak in the World Cup after the embarrassment. Mexicans will play without pressure at the Copa America, but in this experiment will certainly be motivated. Eight wins in a row have the Brazilians, while the Mexicans in the same period twice defeated, and Peru a few days ago played a draw. Last interaction skirmish had a little less than a year in the World Cup and then the match ended goalless, while at the Confederations Cup two years ago, Brazil won with 2:0.
Brazilians are coming in and they seem in unbeatable, so be sure to want to continue the series triumph in this trial, no matter what you did not complete. Favorites are, a role reinforced by the fact that they are Mexicans in one almost completely changed structure, which can hardly compete with the Brazilians.

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