21:00 France – Belgium

One very attractive friendly duel between two European teams that are among the top ten in the FIFA rankings, and it speaks volumes about their strength. French as hosts next EP, playing only friendly matches and it quite well, but were defeated on one of the last seven that are played after the elimination in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Belgians, on the other hand play a qualification without defeat in the first five rounds, but they have two draws. And the Belgians were stopped in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, which was their last defeat. Last two head reflected these selections were friendly and both finished with 0: 0, while the final victory belongs to the French and even in 2004.
Although it is a friendly match, none of these selections do not want to lose and so will play very seriously, which means that neither the goals will not be so easy to achieve. It is known that both teams are very strong in defense and, accordingly, I forecast slightly goals.

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