19:00 Efes Istanbul – Pinar Karsiyaka

I read on the basketball sites that Karsiyaka requested a wild card for next season Euroleague and that saved a budget of about 4,000,000 € for the next year. After the victory over Fenerbahce in the semifinals of the players were given to each division of about $ 200,000 and be sure that the team has good finances and will next year compete in the Euroleague. When there is money certainly has the motive. In the first match after overtime celebrated Anadolu Efes score of 95-92. In the middle of the Karsiyaka played great in the first half, while in the second half Efes took the lead and ultimately it was all over overtime. He had Efes chance to win in regular season since they had +9 at one point last quarter. Karsiyaka the threes back into the match, had an attack and to win, but at the end of regular was 81:81. Karsiyaka, led by Strawberry Dixon, Diblerom and Palacios, has shown that this will be a very interesting series. In this match, I do not expect that one of these teams wins with a big lead, and again expect Unknown finals. My suggestion is kontrahendikep on the team Pinar Karsiyaka although I expect this match Efes play a lot better than the last.

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