18:00 Yemen – North Korea

1 round of qualifications for the World Cup, and in my absolute favorite is North Korea.
Yemen rather weak teams, the last game they played ugalvnom unresolved even against Palestine, and have received Pakistan.
Players come mainly from the national league ended in January this year.
By the results of this year. friendly against Nigeria 2-0 defeat and 0-0 draw with Finland, and a victory against Pakistan to enter the group stage round. World Cup.

North Korea very good team, this year. and acting in the world and 20 years, last year failed to win the cup in Brazil.
The last match was their friendly match against Thailand 0-1, although the Asian Cup is not played well, with three defeats, it was a very difficult group with China and Uzbekistan.
They played 2 round match. draw and win S. Korea by 2-1.

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