01:15 Tampa Bay Lightning – Chicago Blackhawks

The first big final match between Lightning and Chicago did not offer a lot of excitement. It is obvious that the importance of the match very much affected the players themselves. Given that these two teams were the most effective so far in the championship, hockey fans are certainly expecting much more than three goals in this match. Chicago did a great job in the first meeting at the start and already has achieved break victory of 1: 2. Lightning in the forthcoming meeting to be under pressure because they themselves should not dopustitii the second defeat in a row.
Tampa is in the regular season protov Chicago was very convincing in his field. They celebrated with 4: 0, but in the last match they completely failed. Except they only scored one goal, missed the leadership who have long had. This time should not be repeated as a bad game, because that would defeat itself very complicated situation. Lighitning is a great team, it showed a lot of times so far, and why we think they have the power to achieve victory in the forthcoming meeting.

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