17:30 Inter Turku – Mariehamn

Inter is currently in 4th place with 15 points, and Mariehamn on the 3rd place with 18 points. I was in this meeting decided to play a both teams score in the match. Inter started quite well this season, especially at home where plantations have a ratio of 3-1-0 with goal difference 10:3. Mariehamn is 3 visitors encounter enrolled ratio of 2-1-0 and a goal difference of 3:2.

From last 7 matches against the 5 meeting is coming GG:
02/13/15 LII Inter Turku-Mariehamn 3:3
01/29/15 LII Mariehamn-Inter Turku 1:2
13/09/14 VEI Inter Turku-Mariehamn 2:0
06/07/14 VEI Mariehamn-Inter Turku 3:1
05/12/14 VEI Mariehamn-Inter Turku 2:2
03/02/14 LII Mariehamn-Turku Inter 1:0
14/02/14 LII Inter Turku-Mariehamn 2:1

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