16:15 Barcelona – Ademar

Barcelona is the champion, no competition in the league (proven this season) .From 29 games with 29 wins and certainly at home want to say goodbye to the league with 30-0-0 which would be the second time in a row (last season they did it also) .Imaju next weekend FinalFour Champions League where they get a field goal to Vive Kielce and could be found in the final, because they avoid difficult opponents (Kiel-Veszprem) .there is some problems with injuries I Saubicha for which the season is over, they return Rutenka and Sarmiento.Ademar dreaming to be in Europe during the last round but it is almost nemoguce.Oni they dropped over two rounds before Huesca when they lost 29: 25.Barcelona this year has made 1147 goals while receiving 754, with On the other hand Ademar gave 886 while receiving 868.Barcelona the house gave 577 goals in 14 appearances received 359, meaning home give about 40 goals per utakmici.Sa other hand Ademar has given away 410 received 425 in 14 games, which means to give about 30 goals per game and receive about 31.Prvi duel, when Ademar hosted completed the score of 37: 43, which is a whopping 80 golova.Barcelona we can get 40 goals again today, people are, the entrance is free, Ademar must go I think that today can be over 30 goals to here to see plenty of beautiful golova.Sve in all I think they go over this limit of 66 Goals.

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