03:00 Anaheim Ducks – Chicago Blackhawks

Before the fourth game between Chicago and Anaheim in our analysis, we predicted that Chicago would not come until the second victory of what eventually happened. In a truly unpredictable and a lot of high scoring match, the home team has won after extra time to even the series at 2: 2nd After two games in Chicago series is now again moved into a home that Anaheim will look for third win in this match.
Anaheim is a great game at home in the playoffs, and the first defeat suffered against Chicago in the second game. Blackhawks at home with three losses in the last six games. Twice they defeated outside their halls of Nashville as they once lost to Anaheim. These two teams have played seven games during the season. Chicago has a slightly better score. They celebrated four times, while Ahaneim was better three times. I do not believe that Anaheim experienced another defeat in a row at home, but in this match I give priority to the domestic composition.

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