02:00 New York Rangers – Tampa Bay Lightning

After four games played in the Eastern Conference finals with an even score. As expected, this match we now offer a lot of uncertainty and upheaval. There were unexpected results, and certainly we will be able to enjoy the continuation in the conference finals matches. Rangers victory in the last round, he returned home advantage he lost the defeat in the second game at home. Lightning is after two wins in a row in the last match was defeated in his field.

Both teams have achieved one victory at home and away game. Now the score is 2:2 and subsequent defeat at home could easily decide the winner. Rangers were before the last defeat of the Lightning had four victories in their related field. Now it will certainly be much more careful, and if they repeat the game as in the last match, then surely it will record another win. The team that achieved a triumph in the next match will certainly be pshiloligical advantages. In this game I prefer the Rangers because of home field and a good performance in the last meeting.

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