02:00 Anaheim Ducks – Chicago Blackhawks

As I expected, in both conference finals the winner will be decided only after the seventh game. Yet this great teams that have used up throughout the season proved to be one of the favorites to win the championship. Anaheim has long been in the first position of the Western Conference, while Chicago was getting better and better as towards the end of the regular part of the championship, and in the playoff they only show their true strength.
The decisive match of the finals of the Western Conference should bring us great hockey without much calculation. Both teams are no longer entitled to makeup and must rush to victory. Anaheim has a slight edge because they're playing in front of their own fans this season, where they rarely lost. How good are in their hall evidenced by the fact that in the last 15 matches experienced only four defeats. Therefore, a slight advantage in this meeting go for Anaheim.

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