21:30 The Strongest – Real Potosi

The Strongest La Paz still has some background trouble like past year but things look much better. They decided to play on two fronts which should have been extremely exhausting for the chosen players – playing in average one game every four days since February. Biggest problem seems to be the defence and imo that will cost them the title in Clausura just like it costed them proceedin in next stage of Libertadores. They haven't been quite good in the league lately, only 2 wins in April, today missing Wayar, Cristaldo still not fully recovered.
Only 5.000 fans are expected today.

Real Potosi also come from high altitude (4090m; La Paz is located on 3500m). They have been rather solid mid table team and have goal to fight for Copa Sudamericana 2016. No big missings here, three suspended players return.

In recent mutual clashes thigns have been quite tight – 4 wins for The STrongest (only one by more than 1 goals); 3 for Potosi and 2 draws. This game comes in quite hard moment for hosts, visitor are quite motivated and desrve more credit. Fair line is +1.25 with 1.80-1.90 imo.

probable ine -ups:

The Strongest: Daniel Vaca; Jair Torrico; Fernando Martelli, Germán Centurion, Abraham Cabrera; Walter Veizaga Raul Castro; Alejandro Chumacero, Pablo Escobar, Nelvin Soliz (Ernesto Cristaldo); Rodrigo Ramallo. DT Juan Carlos Paz Garcia.

Real Potosí: Henry Lapczyk; Saul Torres, Leonardo Toco (Juan Pablo Rioja), Ronald Rivero, Jennry Alaca; Eduardo Ortiz, Jon Paulo Acchura Edgar Escalante, Darwin Peña (Daniel Mancilla); Gilbert Alvarez, Martin White. José Rossi

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