03:05 Dallas Mavericks – Houston Rockets

Dallas vs Houston, 4 game, Rockets have lead 3-0.

I expect good night from Ellis, he must to give 100% tonight..and because of that i play him over 29,5 INDEX ( points + rebbound + assists)

This for me is definitely bet for a stronger stake. Of course, here are the most rely on Monte points that can easily embark tonight 30 and pass this bet, bet the other two factors. Dallas is without Ronda, Parsons and probably Jefferson. Running Ellis is about 38-39 minutes.
A characteristic feature of this series with Houston were left on a high number of points; 258, 210 and 226 … Due to the fact that Ellis principal violin in the attack this favors bets. As for the assistance of the season had an average of 4.1 per game … In three previous matches had effects 4, 3:09 … It is particularly interesting in these 9 last game where he did not play Rondo (play) so that we can expected in this segment a lot of Ellis … the jumps are a sideshow in this story. He had effects 0, 5:02 … average in a season is 2.4 … I think they will not even will need in this story but certainly he can be zalomit 3-4 jump, why not …

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