17:00 USA U18 – Sweden U18

Again great odd on young Americans and I must take this.

Yes, they stiffed me against young Russians where simply amazing how they managed to lose. I watched the match and the Russians can thank straight Samson who defended almost 60 shots on his goal while the Russians fired only about 15 or so times the goal of the United States. Of course the day after the US took out the Slovaks that came with 10-0 and thus showed how powerful. Now it is interesting that the same Slovakia won the Swedes 3-1 and made a big surprise. OK the day after the Germans had broken with Sweden 7-1 which showed that they also pretty good team but I think that young Americans still a class apart in this category as proven by the number of medals in the past 15 years and the level of organization of which I have already he wrote. It's hard to be 2x kiksati against this team, although the Swedes are not bad, but as soon as they blundered of Slovaks do not seem to be anything dominant young Americans.

USA have better team and they are big favorites here..i believe in win today. Good Luck!

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