16:30 Ukraine – Kazakhstan

There is a huge difference in quality here, these 1.35 which offer to Kazakhstan to me even too much, more realistic is it to be somewhere around 1.10.
Kazakhs here are not in the optimal composition, they are missing some carriers such as representation. Gatekeepers Kolesnik and Yeremeyev (but again they have been in years), then Antropov, Bochenski, Upper, Rakhmanov, Romanov, Gavrilin, Blokhin. It’s not easy to catch up and absences, but again Kazakhs are strong and definitely their chances to return to the elite division again very high. Team should take Rudenko, Starchenko, Zhailauov, Pushkaryov, Krasnoslobodtsev. In defense of the Litvinenko, Savchenko, Semyonov, Lakiza and Dallman which is known for a dangerous shot from the blue. The friendly two matches with the Italians at their direct competitors emerged as the winners of both matches, which shows that they are still strong despite the absences and that they must not be underestimated.
Kazakhs make here should celebrate convincingly and by me with 3+ differences, simply have more quality players and in harmony and great coach Nazarov who led Ukraine last season and certainly knows how to set up against a player who had led. Kazakhstan if he wants to return to the elite of this simply must get slightly in what absolutely no doubt.

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