16:30 Radnik Bijeljina – Vitez

Radnik vs Vitez:

13. Radnik Bijeljina 20 4 6 10 18:28 18

14. NK Vitez 20 4 5 11 12:27 17

The struggle for survival, both teams are located in two places, which are above the lineRadnik 18 points, Vitez 17th
The worker took Krstajic, Milosevic and Ivica Kralj guess with the intention to leave it in the league, so there is a big fight with the Workers expect a win especially because in the Bosnian league hosts have a huge advantage and what the workers in these very veroavatno return several key players: Obradovic 10/4, Lazic 19/2, Galesic 17/2, Antic 17/2, Basrak 11/0, rabbit 4/0.
I do not have specific information when it returns true, because the websites of these clubs alive despair, but the information is collected from people as much as possible following the club.

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