16:00 Brasov – Botosani

Brasov vs Botosani:

12. FC Brasov 25 7 7 11 25:35 28

8. Botosani 25 9 7 9 28:30 34

Brasov embarrassed last round against Cealul.. because of that i do not dare to play clean win, the team defeated the complicated situation myself, I do not believe that just two in a row at home to lose, I do not lose here, and maybe I can to win Botosani is in a better position have 8 points more than the team that is in the relegation zone, Brasov just a 2 points more.
Brasov in this game without Iacob 20/0, Matei 7/0.
Botosani no: Fulop 17/3, Rosu 8/1, 3/0 and Brown questionable as Martinus 22/3, Ngadjui 22/1, Ngkanam 16/2.

Home team need much more points here, and I think they dont lose today.

Good Luck!

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