04:30 San Jose Sharks – Dallas Stars

San Jose Sharks against Dallas Stars

San Jose will not be in the playoffs for the first time after the season 2002/2003.
Almost a year passed since that relegation from the LA Kings, and this chapter is not yet closed.
The horror is what is sad is that "dirty laundry" in the locker room.
When the car started back in December
downhill I was a skeptic at SJ entry in PO.
At the start of the season everything seemed idyllic, the first two rounds with a shutout victory and with both goalkeepers.
The first road suffers showed all the weakness of this team.
As much as the attack pushed back the hole any more than any other cheese.
In addition Vlasica no real stay-at-home beka.Braun on something resembling while Demers was Shark.
Brent Burns is due to the poor scouting forced to play-back (it's like NYR pushed Nash to the defense).
To make matters worse GM Doug Wilson made a stupid trade (Demers in Dallas-Dillon in SJ)
The already weak concept of defense is with the Trade totally destroyed.
Todd McLellan has started rotating, but without much success because as soon as something comes interplay injury and again all over again.
Patrick Marleau has fallen into a slump, but Kennedy (almost a month without a goal).
Niemi is totally fell in the form of a new contract is not dobio.Doveden as a big boost, and leaves as the greatest goalie disappointment sezone.Nakon Lahti, Chicago (won the Stanley Cup), San Jose will be interesting to see where they will defend.
For years the top 5 in the league, now a disservice not be such a problem to find a bigger club.
Vlasica no tonight, and will again rookie Stollery on ice.
It was the rookie destroyed the dreams of this year's PO.
The last rookie you are permanently camped in the penalty box.
Antti Niemi 87.5% vol. against Arizona.
Stalock took the form so gq catch colds (sounds familiar).
Stats are irrelevant as the result of this game.
PK with the Sharks is the worst back a couple of seasons (78.3%).
In Dallas PP does not shine, but how things can look at the Sharks
they fix it.
After 1/3 of Arizona came the news
Todd McLellan that will no longer be coach SJ.
There was snapped at Joe Thornton who was at the press conference Doug Wilson called a liar.
He said that the whole explanation about what the C mark on the jersey Thornton invented.
Jumbo Joe said he did not ask his captain's badge removed from the jersey in the preseason.
He said that it was difficult after that falling out of the Kings, but not so much that it can not handle the pressure
which carries kapetan.Ovo not the first time the problem with these Effing C Shirt (Marleau had a similar problem).
Joe Thornton said that because of these statements is likely to leave the Sharks this summer.
1997 was the first pick of Boston and could boost the Bruins.
So these will go through a couple of rounds and the Sharks followed by thorough rebuilding.To means very likely that another season without the playoffs (Pittsburgh this season has shown how it is being changed a lot in the team).
Not a good atmosphere in the team, and Dallas this season, has not won in San Jose.
I do not remember that Dallas is not enrolled in at least one victory over SJ seasons ago.

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