01:00 Buffalo Sabres – Carolina Hurricanes

Buffalo is the last and probably will remain in that position that guarantees him the best chance for first pick of the draft, and i expect from them to lose against Columbus when they play away. Season expectedly poor, weak attack, shaky defense, they managed to profile a few younger players (Ristolainen, Girgensons, Larsson), if you obtain some attackers who can keep the puck into the opponent's third and some sort of defense will be more competitive next year. Thus before the end of the season in Buffalo will be playing the best hockey of the season from mid-November when the same had I received only 10 days behind. They fired brakes, started playing open, they began to create chances; Last game they lost the true God in Nassau Coliseum without firing a shot which ascribe mental ispražnjenošću defeat to Chicago the day before. But before that loss of Islanders Buffalo was on par solid team, G / G was their in 6 games over 3.00, the attack is motivated created a lot of chances, and Chicago were on their knees to Toews in the last 70 seconds of the match they were not scored 2 the goal of winning the Hawks.

But each time they generate more than 30 shots on goal, but the defense did not let to open the OK to play for the odds today. PP they were OK, Lindback in goal as he can defend, attack scoring at least, to play at home will probably be the max motivated to get these last 2 games in front of the home crowd. Injured a lot but it is already known, Moulson may recover for the game today, Weber out to the end, these other iovako for some time there. Carolina is how the wind blows, this season for me is another indication that the Carolina at me in the top 3 teams that are bad for betting. Season with them to oblivion, and there should be plenty overhaul wrong to express scorer for his style too little poke in the defense can not really be trusted. Results form and Caroline are such that there are all kinds of things, are sufficiently random that this loss tonight, Buffalo at least shows some constant the last few game, Carolina has been struggling with scoring goals so that Lindback could even slightly better than Ward quoted here, I do not see any reason why Carolina here was not so favorite because Buffalo is quite OK lately.

For me bigg odd for home team and i must try.

Good Luck!

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