11:00 Krasnaya Armiya Moscow – Yunost Minsk

MHL league – playoff 1/16 final

The fifth and decisive game, who wins stays in the race for the Cup Kharlamov:

06.03.15 MHL Krasnaya Armiya Yunost 4 : 0
05.03.15 MHL Krasnaya Armiya Yunost 3 : 4
02.03.15 MHL Yunost Krasnaya Armiya 2 : 1
01.03.15 MHL Yunost Krasnaya Armiya 2 : 3

Armiya win last game very easy, with 4-0..and i think they are in psychological advantage.

Krasnaya yesterday had reinforcements :Sorokin on goal, in attack: Zhafyarov, Mamin, Kvartalnov and Kuzmenko.

And tommorow they will play. With that players Armiya is much better team and i expect easy win with few goals differents. I suggest and win in handicap..but i go with regular win for max bet.

Good Luck!

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